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Tongue twisters homework

Looking for more examples of alliteration? YourDictionary has several articles on alliteration in different types of literature. You can even learn more about how to identify alliteration and see more examples to test your skills in spotting this fun way to write.

Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said “this butter’s bitter! But a bit
of better butter will but make my butter better” So she bought some better
butter, better than the bitter butter, and it made her butter better so ’twas
better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter!           –      sent in by Nick (warwickschool )

Young readers practice their letter sounds by engaging with this language arts PowerPoint. Six letters are used: p, l, s, w, c, and d. Pupils learn tongue twisters for each letter such as: "Wiggly worm wiggles in the water." Very nice!

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Here's a series of speech drills for articulation that have been turned into an action story to make them more appealing for students to do.

Aspiration: In English, we use a small expulsion of air to enunciate some letters. Try saying “P” or “Ch” or “K” to test this. You’ll notice a puff of air leaves your lips.

Tongue twisters homework

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Letter Homework A to Z and Tongue Twisters, too! by Erin.

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tongue twisters homework
tongue twisters homework

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