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Basic stamp homework board projects

Activities in this kit include:

  • Build simple circuits with schematics and wiring diagrams
  • Write programs in PBASIC to control the circuits
  • Send signals by blinking LEDs
  • Sense contact with pushbuttons
  • Read a dial using a potentiometer
  • Measure light with a phototransistor
  • Control motion with a servo motor
  • Play tunes on a piezo speaker
  • Display data on a 7-segment LED
  • Combine several circuits to prototype an invention

This project shows how to build a simple circuit that connects an LED to pin 15 and then download and run the LED Flasher program so that the LED flashes on and off.

The chips near the center of this board constitute the BASIC Stamp 2 module. On the left is a battery clip to which you can connect a 9 V battery for power. On the right is a small solderless breadboard, consisting of 17 rows of solderless connectors.

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Build your own robot, wire it up with sensors, and let it roam on its own.  Robotics with the Boe-Bot includes step-by-step assembly instructions, circuit-building, and programming for the BASIC Stamp-based Boe-Bot Robot.

If the adapter is still not recognized when you plug it in, try this method. Download the Sabrent driver CD files ( zip file , 20 Mb). Unzip. Run . Click "USB TO RS-232 CABLE DRIVERS". Connect the adapter when asked to plugin the PL2303 COM Port.

Connect the nine volt. 1 led light's then turns off then the other light's then turns off.
Here is a video:
(Video is not in PDF!)

The Adafruit LCD backpacks reduce the number of pins needed to connect to an LCD. LCDs are a fun and easy way to have your microcontroller project talk back to you.

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Basic stamp homework board projects

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basic stamp homework board projects
basic stamp homework board projects

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