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Macbeth bird imagery essay

I chose to illustrate Lady Macduff and her son as a chicken and a little young chick. They are drawn in pencil in a cartoon style but with shading techniques like stippling and doodling lines. They are not in vibrant colors because I didn’t want to destroy the tragic mood of this act. On top of the two chicken, I splashed some red paint on, so as to show the blood-shed tragedy where they are brutally murdered.

Macbeth - Bird Imagery In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the use of birds helps describe a character in an inhumane way. It compares a character to the natural world and ...

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And that's not all. We also learn that an owl was seen killing a falcon and Duncan's horses went wild and began eating each other (-24). Clearly, nature is out of whack, right? Owls are supposed to prey on mice —not go around eating larger birds of prey like falcons. And Duncan's horses? Once tame, they "broke their stalls […] contending 'gainst obedience" just before they ate each other ().

[1] Acobas, Pierre. “Shakespeare’s Ornithology.”  Shakespeare’s Ornithology ., . Web. 11 May 2014.

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Even though such evil creatures do not reappear in the next two scenes, some mild and gentle animals are used to describe different characters. For example, in scene two, Lady Macduff calls her son “poor monkey” (line 57) when she talks to him, showing her endearment to her child. In scene 3, Macduff also says that, if people sees his evilness, the people in Scotland will see Macbeth as “a lamb” (line 53). Which means Macduff is much more of an evil compared to Macbeth who is mild as a lamb. However, this is only one of his lies to make sure Macduff is actually loyal to him.

One pattern that I noticed in this scene is that the word “fly” is used to represent running away or escaping when one should have stood and fought. It is ironic then that Lady Macduff should make a speech about how her husband should have stayed and fought and in the end, she too “flies” when her son is busy dying.

Sometimes when we have recurring motifs (like the birds in R and J), it helps to think about who is speaking because it helps us understand more about them. It also helps to think of the nature of the birds each speaker describes

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Supernatural events are reported to have happened the night king Duncan was murdered. There is an expected and natural order of things, and Macbeth disrupted that order by murdering the king. Therefore, it is unnatural that an owl, an inferior bird, would have been able to attack and kill a far more...

“ Is this dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee: – … And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood, Which was not so before. – There ‘s no such thing. It is the bloody business which informs Thus to mine eyes. – Now o’er the one half world.” (2, i, 33-49)

Act 3, Scene 4
Macbeth : It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood: ()
Commentary : A possible reference to Genesis : "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed". Also a reference to Genesis : "The voice of thy brother's blood cryeth unto Me from the earth, therefore thou art cursed from the earth."

Act Analysis
The overall atmosphere established by the sets of images are mostly sided to the dark, violent and depressing side. Since the play is a tragedy itself, one wouldn’t expect the images to be portrayed in a optimistic and positive light. Rather, especially the bird and child/infant imagery, further establishes itself to aid the dark and ominous beginning the play adapted with the weather motif of thunder, lightning and rain.

Macbeth bird imagery essay

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macbeth bird imagery essay
macbeth bird imagery essay

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