Best 25+ First grade homework ideas on Pinterest | 2nd., First grade homework assignment sheet

First grade homework assignment sheet

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The basic objectives of assigning homework to students are the same as schooling in general: to increase the knowledge and improve the abilities and skills of the students, [1] to prepare them for upcoming (or complex or difficult) lessons, to extend what they know by having them apply it to new situations, or to integrate their abilities by applying different skills to a single task. Homework also provides an opportunity for parents to participate in their children's education. Homework is designed to reinforce what students have already learned. [2]

Reminders: Friday, February 9th - Math assessment: Place value - and 10 more and 10 less...1 more and 1 less... - Please review all homeworks - and have your child practice reading all directions - Continue to review all sight words #51 - 75... 1. Ela - complete the sheet - phonetic awareness and writing activity... 2. Math - complete the sheet... 3. Read to an audience...loud and proud!!! 4. Pretzels and school store tomorrow... 5....thank you.....!

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LANG. ARTS – complete worksheet MATH – complete worksheet READING – Pearson – individual assignments IXL – complete Grade 1 by Monday

Unit 2 Resources Story PowerPoint (Diane Woodham)

First grade homework assignment sheet

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first grade homework assignment sheet
first grade homework assignment sheet

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