GCSE - Computing - J275 (from 2012) - OCR, Ocr gcse computing coursework examples

Ocr gcse computing coursework examples

Students are expected to work independently according to OCR guidance which states: "It should be remembered that candidates are required to reach their own judgements and conclusions without any guidance or assistance."

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If any part of this book is unclear or even wrong then please post a comment on the discussion page or simply fix it yourself! In particular, please say if the book assumes any knowledge or skills which not all GCSE Computing students have.

Dan's website has lots of great computing resources, most of which I have used in my lessons or are planning to use in the future. The site contains lots of resources for using Raspberry Pi's as well as some useful games-based activities to help students learn how to code. These resources are mainly suitable for secondary school students, but games such as Hopscotch seem ideal for primary.

Chameleon is a computing course for KS3 students with the aim of taking a project based approach towards introducing key Digital Skills and to create the foundation for a pathway into either Computer Science or Information Technology. 

This unit will cover the different types of memory and help students to understand the differences between ROM, RAM, cache, flash and virtual memory types - with homework activities for the students to practice their understanding.

OCR GCSE Computer Science (9-1) (from 2016) qualification information including specification, exam materials, teaching resources, learning resources

Disclaimer: Please note: the material on this site is not endorsed by OCR. You need to refer to the syllabus to ensure that you are covering all of the necessary theory.

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Ocr gcse computing coursework examples

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Cambridge GCSE Computing Online - supporting the GCSE in.

GCSE - Computer Science (9-1) - J276 (from 2016) - OCR

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ocr gcse computing coursework examples
ocr gcse computing coursework examples

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