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This is the main category page for all of the characters that have appeared in The Simpsons and its related stories.

Another website thread says this same problem occurs when the database connection string uses an incorrect character encoding type .

Computers and communication equipment represent characters using a character encoding that assigns each character to something — an integer quantity represented by a sequence of digits , typically — that can be stored or transmitted through a network . Two examples of usual encodings are ASCII and the UTF-8 encoding for Unicode . While most character encodings map characters to numbers and/or bit sequences, Morse code instead represents characters using a series of electrical impulses of varying length.

A person in a literary work. For example, Ebenezer Scrooge is a character in A Christmas Carol , by Charles Dickens .

The following is a list of characters and groups that appear in The Last of Us , The Last of Us: Left Behind , The Last of Us Part II and The Last of Us: American Dreams by alphabetical order.

Wanna know more about the kinds of information you can find here? Here's a breakdown of the 25,022 cards we're cataloguing, stat fans:

This is a list of characters from the Street Fighter fighting game series. It contains many characters, some of which originate from other series, and some of which have appeared in games outside this series. Here is a list of characters that have appeared with any capacity in the various Street Fighter games.

Characters in the homework machine

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characters in the homework machine
characters in the homework machine

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