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Environmental pollution essay with pictures

It was the industrial revolution that gave birth to environmental pollution as we know it today. London also recorded one of the earlier extreme cases of water quality problems with the Great Stink on the Thames of 1858, which led to construction of the London sewerage system soon afterward. Pollution issues escalated as population growth far exceeded view ability of neighborhoods to handle their waste problem. Reformers began to demand sewer systems, and clean water. [8]

According to the dictionary, air pollution is the contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases, mainly oxides of carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen. (And maybe by that smelly uncle.) Some examples of air pollution include:

Pollution prevention (P2) is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source, also known as "source reduction."

The Clean Air Act authorizes the . Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect public health by regulating the emissions of these harmful air pollutants. The NRDC has been a leading authority on this law since it was established in 1970.

i have read article which inspired to those who are learned of environment. but those who are illiterate person. they must be aware about environment.

When authors co-submit and publish a method article in MethodsX, it appears on ScienceDirect linked to the original research article in this journal.

Other Indian laws from recent history include the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1974, the Forest (Conservation) Act of 1980, and the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1981. The Air Act was inspired by the decisions made at Stockholm Conference. The Bhopal gas tragedy triggered the Government of India to enact the Environment (Protection) Act of 1986. India has also enacted a set of Noise Pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules in 2000.

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Water pollution caused industrial waste products released into lakes, rivers, and other water bodies, has made marine life no longer hospitable. Humans pollute water with large scale disposal of garbage, flowers, ashes and other household waste. In many rural areas one can still find people bathing and cooking in the same water, making it incredibly filthy. Acid rain further adds to water pollution in the water. In addition to these, thermal pollution and the depletion of dissolved oxygen aggravate the already worsened condition of the water bodies. Water pollution can also indirectly occur as an offshoot of soil pollution – through surface runoff and leaching to groundwater.

Environmental pollution has become an issue of serious international concern since the start of the industrial revolution. We discuss its types, sources and effects ...

Averting the onset of pollution in any area, be it in air or water or on land, could be the simplest preventive solution. If there are no pollutants, there will be no pollution. And yet, this is easier said than done. Certain bad habits are entrenched and industrial development as we know it seems to involve an expectation of pollution. Even the most simple preventive approaches are often quite complicated, expensive, and difficult for a small business to implement.

Environmental pollution essay with pictures

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environmental pollution essay with pictures
environmental pollution essay with pictures

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