AP World History Exam Practice - AP Student, Ap world history sample essay responses

Ap world history sample essay responses

Introduction. These sample exam questions were originally included in the . AP World History Curriculum Framework, published in fall 2014. The . AP World History ...

World War I had left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Americans; many believed that the . had been tricked into joining the war for the wrong reasons, and they were determined to avoid making the same mistake twice. After the Great War, Americans were disappointed to realize that the war was ...

Teachers have a wide range of professional development options, including in-person workshops and Summer Institutes, where participants learn practical ways to design a rigorous curriculum and prepare students to succeed on the exam.

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Section I comes in two parts: MULTIPLE CHOICE (55 Questions in 55 minutes) & SHORT ANSWER (4 questions in 50 minutes).  All together this counts for 60% of the AP World History exam.  Below are links to pages for each part.   CLICK THE BANNERS BELOW to go to a page devoted to each subsection:

Updated and New AP History Resources
Teaching and Assessing AP World History and the AP World History course overview modules  have been updated to align with the 2017-18 AP history updates. A secure practice exam reflecting the updates is also available on the  AP Course Audit site .

Updated and New AP History Resources
Teaching and Assessing AP World History and the AP World History course overview modules have been updated to align with the 2017-18 AP history updates. A secure practice exam reflecting the updates is also available on the AP Course Audit site .

Work in small groups to analyze how geography impacted the development of political, social, economic, and belief systems in the earliest civilizations

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Click here for a handout containing nearly all of the essay questions asked on the AP World History exam since it began.  Use the document to study/review, and be sure you are able to answer all of the questions by the end of the course.  Also, some of the questions listed MAY be on in-class download and go over them!

Possible Historical Thinking Skills targeted by this question include Interpretation, Contextualization or Periodization for the first task. The second and third are obviously Comparison and Causation, respectively.

Official 2017 Practice Test . An official practice test from the College Board. Includes 2017 multiple choice and free response. Definitely review these questions!

Update, November 2017: The AP World History Practice Exam has been updated to reflect changes to the wording of the long essay question prompt.

Ap world history sample essay responses

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ap world history sample essay responses
ap world history sample essay responses

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