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Firework homework ks1

Some parents think homework must be a ‘good thing’, without being quite sure why. They may have read it in the Daily Mail, or they may be of the “I had to do it and it never did me any harm” school of thought, in which case what’s wrong with flogging and outside lavatories?

Guy Fawkes was arrested for high treason – this means that because he was involved in the plot to kill the King, he wasn’t loyal to England, and this was a serious crime.

View and print the "Firework (Rocket) Collage" activity   Problems printing landscape activities?

Here is a clever technique which will allow children to create a really effective bonfire painting for Bonfire Night (or Holi, or Fourth of July, or Diwali) or a campfire for summer...

There are 5 downloadable Gunpowder plot activities – a Classroom Presentation, a Word Search, a Gunpowder Plot sequencing activity, a Writing exercise and an Artwork activity.

This rhyming, rhythmical alphabet poem is packed full of alliteration, and combines all of the sights, sounds and emotions (good and bad) of bonfire night.  An ABC poem is a good way to think of all of the elements of bonfire night, as there is endless inspiration in the occasion itself, and this poem also covers the safety aspects too.  [click to continue…]

Our Firework customers mean the world to us at Ghengis Fireworks and we want all our new and returning customers to be as safe as possible when using fireworks.

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Coloured chalk on black paper looks great for fireworks and bonfires. To make the fireworks look even more effective use a piece of cotton wool or your finger to smudge the chalk to make it look misty and smoky. Use bright chalks to make the fireworks look bright. To make a Catherine wheel on the paper draw on a blob of chalk then using a finger in a circular movement smudge the chalk. Draw a line with a star on the top, smudge the star to make sparklers. For bonfires use oranges and yellows for fires and smudge slightly. Use white for the smoke of the bonfire and smudge. And use brown chalk to make the sticks and wood at the bottom.

Ten simple steps to keeping safe on Bonfire Night and how to keep animals safe. Click on the link 'Why do we have Fireworks Night' for a brief history of the event. A BBC Newsround site.

When it comes to autumn why not try our Halloween Number Problems worksheets? Put a number through the x4 and +5 cauldrons to see what comes out. There are also some tricky missing digits questions. These are suitable for year 3 onwards.

As entertaining as fireworks are, they are over quickly. When the smoke clears, you’re left with an amazing experience and some nice memories . Recreate the fun with your kids and paint your own fireworks !

Our children and their families always produce a wide range of quality learning and enquiry homework.  We proudly display all children’s work in our classrooms and shared areas and thought it might be nice to share it on our blog … Continue reading →

Firework homework ks1

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firework homework ks1
firework homework ks1

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