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When a thesis or dissertation is submitted to the Office of Theses and Dissertations, it must meet the formatting and deadline requirements set forth in the Thesis and Dissertation Guide . All doctoral dissertations and master's theses must be submitted electronically. For more information on electronic theses and dissertations (eTDs), visit the eTD website .

Vanessa D. Cervantes
Graduate Studies Coordinator
Office of Graduate Studies and Research
(310) 243-3693

If you have any questions about the exact formatting or layout for your thesis, this is the section for you! It provides guidelines for both the formatting and sequence of contents. All the technical regulations are laid out here so that you can get the formatting right the first time around, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most: the contents of your thesis! 

Word Count
About 8,500 words excluding the title, table of contents, a list of reference and space
*Put the count in the designated section on the front cover.

Any manuscript that is submitted for format approval after 10/27/2017 will not be evaluated until after the Thesis Office has finished processing all those graduating in Fall who met the Fall deadline. We will begin reading for Spring graduation in January 2018. We will begin accepting submissions for preliminary reviews again after December 4, 2017.

Please note that thesis deadlines are firm, and if you don't submit yours by the deadline, your graduation may be delayed. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to submitting theses or dissertations:

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Summer classes in some schools and departments follow alternate schedules; for exact dates, check with the department offering the course.

So you think you've got a thesis? You'll have just three minutes and one power-point slide to present your doctoral research in an engaging, accessible and compelling way to a panel of non-specialist judges.

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Commencement: The Office of the Registrar coordinates commencement and their website is your best source for information on commencement. Please visit the Graduation Information section of their website. Additionally, the Graduate College hosts Graduation Celebration parties each semester to celebrate the success of FAU's graduate students.

All Dates & Deadlines |  PDF Document (includes Master's Non-Thesis, Master's Thesis, and Doctoral)
Master's Non-Thesis Option Dates & Deadlines |  PDF Document
Master's Thesis Option Dates & Deadlines |  PDF Document
Doctoral Dates & Deadlines |  PDF Document

For formatting assistance, please review our online presentations and checklists, attend our workshops, and contact your department’s Thesis Format Advisor. If your department does not have a Thesis Format Advisor and you have a specific formatting question, please feel free to email us .

Do you have questions about your Honors Thesis? Not sure who to ask? Come stop by with your questions! Dr. Jaclyn Chancey, Assistant Director for Curriculum, Assessment, and Planning, and Kaitlin Heenehan, STEM Scholar Advisor, will be available to answer your questions and connect you with resources. Office hours are targeted toward juniors and seniors, but all are invited to stop in with questions.

Thesis office calendar

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Thesis, Dissertation, Performance, and Oral Presentation.

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thesis office calendar
thesis office calendar

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