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Kpop fan essay

 · TITLE: CONFESSION OF A KPOP FANGIRL My name is Melanie and I am a huge fan of KPOP. KPOP is an abbreviation of Korean pop …

Korean pop culture has risen as the most developed pop culture in Asia over the last ten years. American pop culture does not dominate Asian cultural market anymore. Asians are giving their attentions to the cultural media in which they can find their identities. Many have recently preferred Korea pop culture, which is fresh, trendy, and something that contains Asian sentiments.

The Korean Wave has became an influential global phenomenon since the start of 21st century , heavily impacting the contemporary cultures , music industry , film industry , television industry and behavioural aspects of various people throughout the world. [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]

In addition, the emergence of K-Pop music subculture fans has caused a significant impact towards the production, consumption and dissemination of K-Pop culture especially with the development of technology. For example, the technology has allowed fans from different part of the world to communicate with each other via social network like Facebook and Twitter and online forum. In short, this essay will attempt to examine the relationship of technology and media to K-Pop music subculture.

This part will argue on the rapid development of online forums, the online community – song and dance covers on YouTube, and the use of media platform such as Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook to sell fan arts.

In September 2010, Avex Entertainment announced plans to suspend all of JYJ's Japanese activities. [5] Avex claimed this stemmed from issues the label had with the president of the group's Korean management, C-JeS Entertainment. [5] JYJ stated it was a conflict over new terms demanded by Avex in contract renegotiation.

This short essay will explore how the South Korean music industry has responded formally and informally to online fan activity, and how a light copyright touch led to the worldwide success of K-pop. We will also explore how online activity disputes regarding K-pop have been almost entirely outside of a legal context – unlike the fans (or listeners) versus labels (or artists) debate that is the continued focus of . music industry.

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Kpop fan essay

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Argumentative Essay About Kpop | South Korea.

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kpop fan essay
kpop fan essay

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