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2page essay on the maze runner

The day after Thomas arrives a girl is sent up into the Glade, the first ever. Her name is Teresa. Teresa tells everyone that everything is about to change. She then succumbs to a coma. She will be the last one sent to the Glade. Thomas feels a connection to her, as if he knows her. He becomes infatuated with her.

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Ralph lives with his family and friends in the Mountain View Inn Hotel. He is getting sick of the hotel and having his family bothering him. So he decides to ask his human friend Ryan (the hotel's maid's son) to take him to school with him, so that he can live there for awhile. Ryan was unsure, but he still agreed.

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As Thomas wakes up, he finds that the facility is being attacked by Cranks – aggressive zombie-like people that have been affected by a plague known as the Flare . Cranks were normal citizens before The Flare, after which they became crazed zombie-like killers.

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Gally is cruel, hotheaded and arrogant throughout the novel and is antagonistic to Thomas from the start. He threatens many of the Gladers and holds a personal hatred for Thomas. Gally has gone through the Changing and knows that Thomas is not exactly who they think he is. Gally is determined to expose Thomas, even if he has to kill him. Gally does, however, sacrifice his own life in the novel so that other boys are not taken by the Grievers. He returns at the end of the novel and throws a knife at a bewildered Thomas, after declaring that he is being controlled.

Second, the author notes that the slang allowed the book to be read by young adults and teens without being banned by schools for offensive language. The slang matches the harshness of the world the Gladers inhabit. By allowing the Gladers to employ "adult" language without themselves being adults or risking censorship, Dashner is able to place these teenagers in perilous situations for which they are otherwise ill-prepared. It adds to the horror of their situation: these children never got a chance to be children.

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Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they're all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow "runners" for a shot at escape.

2page essay on the maze runner

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2 page essay on the maze runner
2 page essay on the maze runner

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