Analyse The Rural Tourism In Romania Tourism Essay, Tourism in romania essay

Tourism in romania essay

In this essay the main attention will be focussed on the impact of tourism upon the environment in Romania, so the positive and the negative aspects of tourism will be brought in discussion. In Romania the environment is a factor influencing tourism demand. Given that the demand for products of interest is partly determined by its quality, the environment can have a positive or negative impact on tourism.

Visitors to Transylvania will also encounter stunning castles such Bran , near Brasov, - a Gothic fairy-tale structure, often associated with 15th century Walachian Prince Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. While the connection with Vlad is tenuous, the deep bond of local villagers with the legend is not.

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In terms of external accounts, the current account balance is expected to remain in deficit in 2018, with remittances from expatriate workers and tourism revenue only partially offsetting the deficit in the trade balance. The latter should nevertheless be reduced, with an increase in exports, and a decrease in fossil energy imports linked to a lower demand for thermal energy. In addition, despite expected growth, FDI would remain low compared to neighbouring countries. As a result, the rupee is likely to remain under pressure.

The south of the country is next to Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand. The southernmost point is Amphoe Betong, Yala Province, which contains tourist attractions like La-ong Rung Waterfall (Rainbow Waterfall), Chaloem Phrakiat Waterfall (I-yer Khem Waterfall), Bala-Hala Forest, the sea of fog at Microwave Mountain, and Betong Hot Spring. 

Towering above Brasov, this is one mountain that is riddled with interesting history. It’s easy to hop on a cable car, and check out the view from the top, as well as explore with the defensive fortress. Many people like to go hiking here and visit the Brasov sign.

When authors co-submit and publish a data article in Data in Brief , it appears on ScienceDirect linked to the original research article in this journal.

The terms tourism and travel are sometimes used interchangeably. In this context, ... Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, ...

The most visited cities are Bucharest , Brașov , Sibiu , Cluj-Napoca , Timișoara , Iași , and Constanța . The most significant natural attractions are the Danube , the Carpathian Mountains , and the Black Sea . [ citation needed ]

The product is the first element of marketing mix. Every industry is distinguished by a production process or generic product. For tourism to be considered an industry, it is necessary to show that such a genetic product and its process exist. In tourism industry a product is composed of five elements model (Smith, 1994) 3 : the physical plant, service, hospitality, freedom of choice, and involvement.

Tourism in romania essay

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tourism in romania essay
tourism in romania essay

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