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Creative writing mount holyoke

Take a tour from a current student, and meet with one of our admission counselors to learn more about admission requirements and scholarship opportunities.

Our students are of all ages and from many different educational backgrounds.  You do not need to have taken a degree in literature in order to apply to us.  

The grand prize winner will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card and be published in Mount Mercy’s annual creative writing magazine, Paha Review . All contestants will receive written feedback on their work from a Mount Mercy English professor or upper-level creative writing student.  Several contestants, including the grand-prize winner, will be invited to read their work at Mount Mercy on April 8, 2016 .  Entries are due February 1, 2016 .    

The creative writing major at RMC allows students to develop highly prized writing capabilities that provide them with skills necessary for life after college. RMC writers have become newspaper editors, sports journalists, and government writers, as well as professors, attorneys, and physicians.

The English Department at the University of Calgary, in addition to offering creative writing courses as part of the Bachelor's degree, grants the MA and PhD in English with a creative thesis option. Theses in these programs are original manuscripts, normally poetry or fiction.

In fourth year you will be able to pursue “selected topics” courses, which allow you to pursue special interests, either through the particular courses offered that year or through individual study and research under the supervision of a faculty member.

If you choose to do an honours English degree, you will have the opportunity to write a thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.

You will also have opportunities to present and publish creative and critical work.

Find a list of English courses in the academic calendar – English .

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Creative writing mount holyoke

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Creative Writing – Mount Saint Mary s University, Los Angeles

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creative writing mount holyoke
creative writing mount holyoke

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