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Thesis theme vs headway

In this article, I will share with you, my reasons for ditching the Thesis theme for Genesis, which may give you some insight into which framework is right for you.

Starting from a fresh install, the quick start wizard will show immediately after loading the visual editor. Otherwise, you can run the wizard through the Tools menu in the visual editor.

With Genesis, it’s important to know that your website will not magically become a great looking site as soon as you install it. There’s not much to it and you have to put in some effort (or money) to customize it. If you’re willing to do so, it’s well worth it.

Second, I’m not going to tell you that one framework is unequivocally better than the other. I’m striving to provide an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each framework, and to give you the tools you need to make an informed decision.

I am still a huge fan of the Thesis Theme and I am still using it, in my own projects (a whole bunch of existing and some new ones), and client projects.

Due to their popularity, many WordPress users narrow their options down to either Genesis or Divi. Over the last few months, we have reviewed both Genesis and Divi , however in this article I would like to talk about where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This will help you make an informed decision on which theme is best for you.

Chris wrote a post yesterday called “ Why I Promote the HELL out of Thesis “, where he honestly shares his personal experience.

Calling up your web developer to make changes can cost money as well as time. Headway’s Visual Editor turns what used to be a hard task into a cinch.

 · For people who have asked me why I switched from the Thesis Wordpress theme to Headway : http:/// thesis - vs - headway

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In general, these frameworks are best described as the foundation for a WordPress theme. Typically, the framework will contain the core code, covering the basic features and design elements. The framework is then used as a starting point when a new theme is created. New features and design elements are added to the framework to create the finished product.

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The thesis theme framework is the earliest framework in the premium theme framework marketplace, because this is the earliest theme frmawork, and because of  it’s flexibility,good for seo, this theme win a lot users at first.  Now the thesis theme has update to , it is a little hard for new users. It requires quite a bit of CSS modification,php codes, ofcourse you need do some graphic works if you want to make it luxury..It is an exceptional template with exceptional support with one caveat, there is a learning curve. If you want to make a lot of changes you will need to learn a few things but the support forum is excellent and I have never failed to get an answer here.

Thesis: http:/// demoed by Alan Bergstein
Headway: http:/// demoed by David Gadarian
Suffusion: http:/// demoed by Jenn Nickerson

Headway being a very flexible Premium WordPress Theme , has gotten a lot of market appeal over the powerhouses from DIYThemes and Woo Themes.

Developed by Clay Griffiths, Headway takes some of the best ideas from Thesis, adds a whole bunch more, and mixes it all together in a powerhouse WordPress theme. Ideal for everyday WordPress users as well as intermediate and advanced coders, it’s one of the most flexible themes I’ve ever used.

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One thing I found very exciting about working on his site was that I got to know the Genesis Framework a bit better. I have seen a lot of well-known bloggers make the switch from Thesis to Genesis since it was released, so I have been curious what the fuss is about.

Thesis theme vs headway

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Why I switched from Thesis to Headway | Reason 1

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thesis theme vs headway
thesis theme vs headway

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