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Ethnic conflict northern ireland essay

Is the notionof a deeply divided society the right template for comparing Northern Irelandwith other cases of ethnic conflict?

News about the decommissioning of the IRA (21/10/2003):

Shettima, added that it is also critically important, as a long term measure, the region’s governor’s should device viable strategies to forestall all forms of security challenges, that may likely erupt in the future.

International diplomacy efforts between South Sudan and Sudan have so far proven to have an incredibly short memory and a dangerous instinct to average the two sides’ preferences rather than resolve conflict, but escalation of the current war would definitely make the bad worse, so it’s certainly preferable to keep trying. Thanks for your writing; interesting stuff!

The causes of ethnic conflict are debated by political scientists and sociologists . Explanations generally fall into one of three schools of thought: primordialist, instrumentalist, and constructivist. More recent scholarship draws on all three schools. [ year needed ] [ who? ]

“The two conflicts share common structural characteristics typical of divided societies.  The dominant community (Afrikaners in South Africa, Protestants in Northern Ireland) came from settler populations, and the subordinate community (blacks in South Africa, Catholics in Northern Ireland) was indigenous.  In both cases, the dominant community asserted equal claim to the land.  Afrikaners trace their roots back to a trading-post their forbearers established on the Cape of Good Hope in 1652.  Protestants trace theirs to the plantation of Ulster in 1607”. [6]

One of the political root causes could be attributed to when land ownership in Northern Ghana came under the custody of chiefs in 1978 during the Acheampong regime when a law was passed vesting all Northern lands into the hands of selected ethnic groups chiefs and left out most others based on the recommendations of the Alhassan Report of 1978. This was a destructive danger as hegemonic political elites used the state to promote their own peoples interest at the expense of other groups. These conflicts of today are not accidental but the by-products of political engineering.

In deciding to fight, Yanomami leaders appealed to bellicose values to persuade others and to justify self-interests. With time and war, such values became so elaborate and powerful that they made future violence more likely. Even today, Yanomami in the remote Parima highlands kill each other with shotguns in fights started by theft of Western goods, though they talk about it in terms of reciprocity, revenge, and witchcraft.

Northern Ireland has seen increasing political stability and progress in racial equalities legislation and policies. However, not all people benefited equally from economic success, nor had the same experiences following the financial crisis:

Ethnoclasses are physically or culturally distinct groups who are typically descendants of slaves or immigrants. In many cases, these groups perform distinctive economic activities, mostly at the bottom of the economic hierarchy . Ethnoclasses generally strive for equal treatment, economic opportunities, and political participation. Mobilization of these groups varies widely. Ethnoclasses have successfully pursued their interests in many Western democracies , but they remain relatively unorganized in most other places.

Assam has had the highest rate of population growth in India since the beginning of this century. Migration into the state accounts for a substantial part of this growth. Most migrants came from Bengal, including what is now Bangladesh (known as East Bengal before the 1947 partition and East Pakistan from 1947-71). Bengali migrants were both Hindus and Muslims. Bengali Hindus started arriving after the British created tea plantations in the middle of the nineteenth century. Because of their educational advantage over Assamese, they were better suited to man the growing administrative and professional machinery.

All the reviews are available on this website, in some cases months before they appear in hardcopy. The reviews can be searched using a combination of the following:

Devolution of power and resources was one of the centrepieces of the 2010 constitution, intended to reduce the previous all-or-nothing electoral battles for the presidency, and redress regional marginalisation and inequitable development. Forty-seven counties were created and their elected governors enjoy considerable power and control budgets worth millions of dollars. Although devolution brought services closer to the people, it has also deepened ethnic schisms in counties and galvanised communities to install one of their own into the many elected county-level seats. The governor’s position is especially coveted.

Ethnic conflict northern ireland essay

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ethnic conflict northern ireland essay
ethnic conflict northern ireland essay

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