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Relaxing music to do your homework to

While the reasons why music can help you sleep better aren’t clear, it may have to do with the relaxing effect that a good song can have, or the fact that music may trigger feel-good chemicals in the brain. Music can have real physical affects, too, by lowering your heart rate and slowing your breathing.

This stunning albums merges the amazing piano compositions of Mark Phillip with the awesome yet relaxing sounds of a thunderstorm. The acoustic interaction between pianist and thunderstorm is mesmerising; the poignant music interspersed with the ephemeral claps of distant thunder and all the while the hypnotic rhythm of the rain.....a truly memorable experience.

“Orchestrating the routine together proved challenging as I was using a technique that revealed unperceivable patterns, which I was unable to fully comprehend until the project was finally finished,” director of the video Ritchie Johnston said. "On further discussion, we settled on a location for the shoot, a small tarn situated near Blencathra, a mountain in the Lake District.”

The idea that music can be designed to evoke specific reactions is what’s fascinating here. Take the sessions that produced the “Most Relaxing Tune Ever”. The aim was to create a song to induce a serenity and calmness in people that surpassed anything else out there. The result was Weightless by Manchester Trio, Marconi Union …

What do you do to de-stress on the weekends? Did we miss any of your favorite relaxing songs? Leave suggestions in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen !

Relaxing music is simply music to help you to become calm. It usually doesn't involve very complex parts, or big dynamic changes, and is often perceived to be quiet music.

To get the most out of Yoga, you need to slow down your breathing and stay in the present moment. Relaxation music and yoga music helps your mental chatter fade effortlessly away and you will find that you are able to reach each pose more deeply and hold them longer. Yoga then becomes a more enjoyable and more fulfilling experience.

Relaxing music to do your homework to

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relaxing music to do your homework to
relaxing music to do your homework to

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