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Letter thesis supervisor

This post is by Associate Professor Evonne Miller, the Director of Research Training for the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. She detests meetings and leans towards the hands-off supervision style, but her students will attest that she is passionate about their research and does yell at them (kindly) when needed. […]

I am now an experienced supervisor and examiner, but I still remember my own disappointments. For the doctoral students who follow, I want to activate and align these personal events with the candidatures I have managed since that time. Particularly, I wish to share with the next generation of academics some lessons that I have learned about supervisors.

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Before you submit a request to change your supervisor, make sure you've read about how to work effectively with your supervisors. You should also read about what to do if your supervisor isn't working out for you. Lastly, check the University's Graduate Research Training Policy .

In my work as PhD coach , I always advise students to choose an advisor who is a good fit in terms of their personality. Sounds easy, right? Start by understanding what type of supervision you need.

For those of you in the sciences, you may choose an advertised project but it will be important to find out a bit more about the person who is going to guide you (at the beginning) and be your research collaborator (towards the end of your PhD).

This differentiation among employees is significant if the manager wants to have a rationale for providing pay raises , bonuses , promotions and other sought after rewards for performance.

In addition, most Faculty of Science graduate programs (with the exception of Statistics and Actuarial Science, and Mathematics) require that you have a "sponsoring" faculty member before beginning your application to graduate school at SFU.

Putting in a bit of effort in building rapport with your supervisor is going to make working on your dissertation a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Getting along well with your supervisor is good for your spirits and helps in keeping you motivated in seeing your dissertation through right to the end.

 · How to write to a prospective PhD (or Post-Doc) ... a request letter for a supervisor... my undergraduate thesis supervisor has commented that I’m ...

Thanks for this. I’m in the process of writing to research supervisors at the moment, as an overseas student (:-)..) from India, and this is the kind of advice I wish I’d had before I dashed off the first few… none were one-liners, but it’s hard to get to the right tone between gushing and terseness, honestly.

Supervisors know stuff. We have spent years as high achieving undergraduates, postgraduates and then academics finding out about stuff. We were employed by our institution because we know about stuff. Some of that stuff will be relevant to your research.

Letter thesis supervisor

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How to write to a prospective PhD (or Post-Doc) supervisor.

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letter thesis supervisor
letter thesis supervisor

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