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Knowledge management literature review pdf

Discover at a glance the RegTech universe and what solutions this new technology offers to solve compliance and regulatory issues.

Besides theoretical subjects, the programme involves real-life case studies, field trips and interactive teaching approaches that maximise learning outcomes. Apart from these, students will also undergo a three-month industrial training with various related companies to choose from. Graduates will have career prospects in various fields including Knowledge Management, Business, Information Systems, Human Resource and Strategic Planning. The faculty is proud to share that our alumni thrive in stellar companies such as IBM, Petronas, Shell, MMU, Intel, Iris Solution, General Electric and many more.

KM software ranges from small software packages for an individual to use, such as brainstorming software , to highly specialized enterprise software suitable for use by hundreds of employees. Often KM software provides a key resource for employees working in customer service or telephone support industries, or sectors of large corporations.

You must also be careful not to express the business needs for KM in “KM-speak,” but in the language of the organization. So once you have identified the key organizational drivers, how do you describe them in organization-speak?

The concept of a project-level Knowledge Management Plan is one of the most exciting new ideas to come out of Knowledge Management in the past 5 years. It is a governance element, that allows Knowledge Management to be fully embedded into project controls. It allows the assignment of KM accountabilities to individual project team members, and allows these accountabilities to be monitored and reviewed. Knowledge Management plans allow Knowledge Management to evolve to become a true management discipline; a component part of an integrated project management approach rather than an add-on or an aspiration.

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Lecture 2: Definition of Knowledge Management

Lecture 3: History of Knowledge Management

Lecture 4: Research and Dimensions of Knowledge Management

Lecture 5: Strategies and Motivations of Knowledge Management

Lecture 6: Technologies of Knowledge Management

Lecture 7: Knowledge Manager

Lecture 8: Knowledge Value

Lecture 9: Terminology

Many aspects of Knowledge Management - added as a new process in ITIL V3 - were covered by various processes in the previous ITIL version. For example, Problem Management was (and in ITIL 2011 still is) responsible for managing the Known Error Database.

Where the disagreement sometimes occurs is in conjunction with the creation of new knowledge. Wellman (2009) limits the scope of KM to lessons learned and the techniques employed for the management of what is already known. He argues that knowledge creation is often perceived as a separate discipline and generally falls under innovation management.

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KEYNOTE: Hacking KM or How to Innovate!
Jeffrey Phillips, VP & Lead Consultant, OVO Innovation
(KMWorld 2016 - Tuesday, 15 November)

Many large companies, public institutions and non-profit organisations have resources dedicated to internal KM efforts, often as a part of their business strategy , IT , or human resource management departments. [6] Several consulting companies provide advice regarding KM to these organisations. [6]

Throughout the site, I will explain and discuss known theories, occasionally contributing with some of my own frameworks. I will also discuss the potential role of knowledge management systems from a broad perspective, and in the section on KM tools I will provide specific advice on this topic. I have tried to organize the site as logically as possible, moving from a general introduction to knowledge and KM to introducing key subjects like organizational memory , learning, and culture. The later sections discuss several models and frameworks as well as knowledge management initiatives, strategy, and systems, before finally presenting an overview of various tools and techniques.

For the core competence perspective to take root in an organization, the entire management team must fully understand and participate in the five key competence management tasks: (1) identifying existing core competencies; (2) establishing a core competence acquisition agenda; (3) building core competencies; (4) deploying core competencies; and (5) protecting and defending core competence leadership.

Here is a paper from the Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management in which we present our research on the subject:  Defining knowledge management: Toward an applied compendium .  Please use this citation for the research:

There have been many approaches to knowledge management from early days. Most of early approaches have been manual storing and analysis of information. With the introduction of computers, most organizational knowledge and management processes have been automated.

Knowledge management literature review pdf

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knowledge management literature review pdf
knowledge management literature review pdf

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