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Essay deep sea

The discoverer of the titanic, Dr Robert Ballard famously referred to the deep sea as 'far more alien than going to mars or the moon.' The deep sea is one of the largest virtually unexplored ecosystems on the planet; it is found at a depth of 1000 fathoms [1] and is subject to adverse changes in temperature, pressure and light penetration amongst other factors. Therefore as expected fish decrease in abundance, and species diversity. This trend is prominent as in order to survive the harsh conditions of the deep sea, fish need a number of specific adaptations. Allowing them to ultimately survive, feed, and reproduce.

Truth is, we don’t know. As Terry Macalister wrote in an article for The Guardian , UK Prime Minister David Cameron and science minister David Willetts “gave the distinct impression this was a £40bn (US$60 bn) bonanza just waiting to happen when the reality is rather different.”

As waves approach land and move into shallow water , they change their behavior. If approaching at an angle, waves may bend ( refraction ) or wrap rocks and headlands ( diffraction ). When the wave reaches a point where its deepest oscillations of the water contact the seabed , they begin to slow down. This pulls the crests closer together and increases the waves' height , which is called wave shoaling . When the ratio of the wave's height to the water depth increases above a certain limit, it " breaks ", toppling over in a mass of foaming water. [40] This rushes in a sheet up the beach before retreating into the sea under the influence of gravity. [38]

Space exploration advocates are quick to claim that space might solve such problems on Earth. In some ways, they are correct; NASA does make helpful contributions to climate science by way of its monitoring programs, which measure the atmospheric concentrations and emissions of greenhouse gases and a variety of other key variables on the Earth and in the atmosphere. However, there seem to be no viable solutions to climate change that involve space.

Mission log from Deepwater Wonders of Wake: Exploring the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
Octocoral colonies provide the same habitat complexity and three-dimensional structure in the deep sea as forests do on land. This essay discusses the myriad of organisms that find a home within deep-sea coral environments.

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A change in water temperature, salinity, and sometimes wave energy, determines how and where deep sea creatures live and their physical characteristics. Finding space to live on the bottom of the sea floor

Hydrothermal vents are the primary source for deep sea mines. These magma below these vents heats the surrounding seawater, which causes metals within the sediment to leach into the water. The subsequent shock of the cold water causes the metals to precipitate and form as solids in the sediment surrounding the vents. Because of these high concentrations, most deep sea mining would occur in the chimneys above the vents. Vents themselves would be preserved undamaged, but the chimneys would be destroyed. These chimneys, however, can be built back over time, and is the equivalent of "cutting grass" on the ocean floor (Begley, 2010).

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Research efforts like these underscored the oceans' critical importance in regulating all the major nutrient cycles on Earth. It's now widely recognized that the ocean regulates the temperature of Earth, controls its weather, provides us with oxygen, food and building materials, and even recycles our waste.

A change in water temperature, salinity, and sometimes wave energy, determines how and where deep sea creatures live and their physical characteristics. Finding space to live on the bottom of the sea floor is as competitive as it is fierce. For the most part, the only reason we know so much more about the deep water is because the creatures are slow, which unable them to avoid the attempts of scientists to collect and study them.

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After this swim frenzy period, post-hatchling loggerheads take up residence in areas where surface waters converge to form local downwellings, where there is a buildup of floating material, such as seaweed, particularly sargassum mats. Post-hatchlings within this habitat are observed to be calm and tend to sit and wait to feed on a wide variety of floating items. As post-hatchlings, loggerheads may linger for months in waters just off the nesting beach or become transported by ocean currents within the Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic.

It seems like a herculean task to figure out what lives in something as vast as the ocean. But the 10-year-long Census of Marine Life project studied just that question. This network of scientists from more than 80 nations worked to document the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans—past, present, and future. So far researchers have discovered more than 5,000 new species. And they expect to find many more as the research continues beyond the program's official end in 2010.

These modified conditions provide AWI scientists with unique research opportunities: "We use these changes as a natural experiment. The warming allows us to calculate how much water flows from the deep central Arctic into the Greenland Sea" says Prof. Dr. Ursula Schauer, head of the Observational Oceanography Department at the Alfred Wegener Institute, about this project and adds: "We observe here a distinct restructuring of the Arctic Ocean. This is a very slow process, and its documentation requires long term observations."

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…of this kind is the Mariana Trench , which lies east of the Mariana Islands in the western North Pacific Ocean; it reaches 11,034 metres (36,200 feet) at its deepest point.

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The entire ocean floor has now been mapped to a maximum resolution of around 5km, which means we can see most features larger than 5km across in those maps. That’s the resolution of a  new global map of the seafloor  published recently by David Sandwell of Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego and colleagues, who used some nifty tricks with satellites to estimate the landscape of the sea floor and even reveal some features of the Earth’s crust lurking beneath sea-floor sediments.

Essay deep sea

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essay deep sea
essay deep sea

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