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Wireless network literature review

To create a Wi-Fi extended network, you must place any extended Wi-Fi base stations within range of the primary Wi-Fi base station.

A wired local network is basically a group of devices connected to one another using network cables, more often than not with the help of a router , which brings us to the very first thing you should know about your network.

When AWN’s patent was granted, the wireless (radio) technology to enable implementation of the network did not exist in the commercial realm. Hence, “in-house development” or prohibitively expensive advanced military communication-equipment were the only options. Today much of what is required is readily available. The equipment just needs to be packaged “purpose-specific”, to comply with FAA and FCC regulations.

Wireless networking is an essential productivity tool for your mobile workforce, helping employees stay connected to your company's information resources.

A print management and auditing solution for your LAN. It lets you manage print jobs queued to any shared printer and provides easy access to the printer and print server settings. Print Inspector also saves to a database statistics about all printed documents (document name, number of pages, name of the user who created the job, computer name etc.). The collected data can be exported to CSV format or used for reporting.

Norman Abramson , a professor at the University of Hawaii , developed the world's first wireless computer communication network, ALOHAnet . The system became operational in 1971 and included seven computers deployed over four islands to communicate with the central computer on the Oahu island without using phone lines. [1]

Faster, stronger and smarter, Thunderbolt technology is changing the face of USB. If you’re interested in transferring large amounts of data at incredible speeds, or charging connected devices without a separate power cable, or even delivering flawless, content-rich audio/video to HD/4K screens, then Thunderbolt is for you. Find out how you can benefit from this exciting new technology.

The first professional wireless network was developed under the brand ALOHAnet in 1969 at the University of Hawaii and became operational in June 1971. The first commercial wireless network was the WaveLAN product family, developed by NCR in 1986.

This article assumes you've already made an informed decision to go wireless rather than build a traditional cabled network. Prices have dropped dramatically from a few years ago, when wireless gear was quite expensive, so  networking hardware is much more affordable now, but wireless networks still aren't for everyone (yet). If you're unsure that wireless will really meet your needs be sure to research the different capabilities to decide what's right for you.

Wireless network literature review

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wireless network literature review
wireless network literature review

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