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Singer solution to poverty essay

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In this brief article Peter Singer lays out the fundamentals of his solution to world poverty. His argument starts with the premise that all people that have income that is in excess of what is required for their needs has a choice between spending that extra money on themselves or on people that are in life-threatening poverty. The moral choice then is to not spend that money on yourself but to donate it to charities that will save lives of those in severe poverty.  Singer also concludes that the only limit to how much one should give is that they need to cover their basic needs and then the rest should be donated.

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“I swear to God if you hurt her …”, you hear yourself bravely say, but you have no idea what to do. You know that if you drop the gun, he may kill both you and your daughter and run off with your money. If you don’t drop the gun, in a second she may be gone forever. You’re paralyzed by an odd combination of responsibility, fear, power and helplessness. Your daughter’s fate is in your hands. What do you do?

            The flaws of Singer’s solution to end world poverty outweigh its benefits.  It is unjust and unwise for the wealthy to use their money towards providing immediate relief to a few individuals.  Furthermore, by human nature, and rightfully so, we give priority to those we love over a foreigner we will never meet.

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My thoughts: Start with question to argue it, then why compelling or not:
I grew up hungry – We did not have welfare or HUD housing – It would serve better if each person gave $1 in the world – I feel he is shamming people into giving money.

Like Peter Singer, my voice represents my passions. In Singer's article, "Solution to World Poverty," he is very blunt and straight forward with his voice. ... I see a lot of myself in Singer's tone. ... Peter Singer took a risk with his article. ... Singer's voice is very motivating for me...

His grandparents were less fortunate: his paternal grandparents were taken by the Germans Nazis to Łódź , and were never heard from again; his maternal grandfather David Ernst Oppenheim (1881–1943), a teacher, died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp . [4] Oppenheim was a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society and he wrote a joint article with Sigmund Freud , before joining the Adlerian sect. [5] Singer later wrote a biography on Oppenheim. [6]

Singer's assumptions of American's moral responsibility for ending world poverty does not take into account American's arguably primarily responsibility for individual and family financial security and sense of responsibility for domestic poverty and other issues. I plan to research American's domestic priorities on poverty in comparison to their sense of responsibility for world poverty. Singer's assumptions on American's moral responsibility undervalue domestic responsibility as he focuses on providing aid to children in other countries.

Singer, Peter. “The Singer Solution to World Poverty.” English 1B Course Reader . Ed. Michelle Hager. San Jose: Maple Press, 2014. 89-93. Print.

In my own personal life, I believe I do not a hundred percent of the time give my fair share. I relate to Bob and Dora by being consumed in the newest fashion, technology, or new and expensive toys rather than face the hard truth of life. Although, I am not a total grinch because instead of giving my money – because most college students are poor – I give my time. Singer ends with the final statement that we are all in a situation of unluckiness. We must face a decision between giving and taking.

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Singer solution to poverty essay

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singer solution to poverty essay
singer solution to poverty essay

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