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Curfew essay teenager

Now that we have examined the ways imposing curfews can benefit both a parent, and a child, we should take another step forward to try to enforce, and impose curfews all over the world for young adults ranging from the ages of fifteen to seventeen, doing this will help keep teenagers safe, and out of trouble. So should curfews be imposed?

“ In the earliest years, curfews were aimed almost exclusively at keeping young criminals off the street. Today, new curfew legislation often tries to solve more complex social ills, such as the inability of parents to control their children and the alarming number of innocent children who are the unintended victims of drive-by shootings and other adult violence “according to Tony Favro, writer at .

registration. I asked him why he had pulled me over, but he just kept repeating, “license and registration”. He took my license and didn’t mention the curfew until he saw the age on the license. He told me the car would be towed, even though I pointed out my house, which was no more than 1 kilometer away...

The author states that curfew help youths to be accustomed with disciplined routine schedule at home. Curfews help teens to complete their night sleep and feel fresh in the morning before going about routine work. Parents can continuously counsel teens about adopting a healthy lifestyle as they are most of the times with their parents.

2. Crime is what should be punished, not the appearance of such. Increased crime is caused by a variety of factors, mostly lack of parental guidance and lack of adequate punishment in the courts. If someone is doing something wrong - such as abusive behavior, drunken driving, disorderly conduct, even loitering - then he or she should be arrested for those specific actions. To restrict the activities of all teen-agers because some misbehave is similar to the teacher keeping the entire class after school because one child acts up. This might be acceptable in the classroom occasionally, but it is not as a blueprint for state law.


Juvenile curfew laws are reasonable guidelines we should follow because they fight crime to protect youth from victimization , help teenagers to avoid bad habits, and improve teenagers’ learning.

Now as a parent, you’re looking to set a curfew. You want to teach more about responsibility and following a schedule. There’s a lot to consider.

Curfew essay teenager

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Persuasive essay: Should curfews be imposed on teenagers.

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curfew essay teenager
curfew essay teenager

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