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How to start off a scientific research paper

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2) Read. Now that you’ve prepared, go ahead and read the selection. Read straight through. At this point, you don’t need to stop to look up anything that gives you trouble—just get a feel for the author’s tone, style, and main idea.

decelerate , repress , slow , stunt , suppress ;

late 14c., "a sudden movement," from start (v.); meaning "act of beginning to build a house" is from 1946. That of "opportunity at the beginning of a career or course of action" is from 1849. False start first attested 1850.

drawing board , first base , ground zero , square one ;

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But before looking at seven ways to break into the freelance business, you need to know the pros and cons of starting a career as a freelancer. 

Still, as long as you don't try to change everything at once, you can meet your weight loss goals. Read on to learn some secrets of the masters -- those who have lost weight and, more importantly, kept it off. After all, what good is losing the extra weight if you gain it right back?

You can start homesteading right now, today. Even if you live in a studio apartment in Manhattan. So, banish the thought that you have to wait until you buy land in the country.

If you don't know the person you're writing to, you can start with "Dear Sir / Madam". If you start with this, you should end "Yours faithfully". Here's an example:

I couldn’t do all that — I had a job (two actually) and a family with six kids. So I skipped it all and did one thing: I chose a random name that felt right, and created a free account on blogger.

If you’re having trouble nailing your opening, you’re in luck: writer and WD contributor Jacob M. Appel offers up seven different approaches to writing a killer opening line (he includes examples from classic novels to accompany each, too). Here they are and they are worth bookmarking and referencing each time you begin a story.

How to start off a scientific research paper

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how to start off a scientific research paper
how to start off a scientific research paper

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