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TheSans is a widely successful font by Luc(as) de Groot and has become a modern classic. send. LucasFonts. Home; Fonts; TheSans. TheSans; ... Thesis family; Cart ...

Copyright 1990 Martin Majoor. Published by FontShop International for the FontFont library. ScalaSans is a trademark of FSI, Fonts and Software GmbH. http://

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You would like your examiners to feel as comfortable as possible while their eyes are traversing the many, many pages of your thesis, so maximising legibility and readability is a good idea. Times New Roman is ubiquitous and familiar, which means it is probably the safest option, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. Originally designed for The Times in London, its characters are slightly narrowed, so that more of them can be squished into a newspaper column. Secondly, some people intensely dislike TNR because they think it has been overused, and regard it as the font you choose when you are not choosing a font .

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TheSans supports up to 82 different languages such as Spanish , English , Portuguese , German , French , Turkish , Italian , Polish , Kurdish (Latin) , Romanian , Dutch , Hungarian , Serbian (Latin) , Kazakh (Latin) , Czech , Swedish , Belarusian (Latin) , Croatian , Finnish , Slovak , Danish , Lithuanian , Latvian , Slovenian , Irish , Estonian , Basque , Luxembourgian , and Icelandic in Latin and other scripts.

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Compared to other fonts, one of the things I really like in Charter is its good scalability but I would not say this about bold Charter, at least
scalability of particular characters on screen . As a result, Charter has a relatively nice appearance on the screen at different magnification levels, which are typical if you work with PDF file in window or in "fit width" / "fit visible" / etc. display modes. The good scalability can be attributed both to the font "heaviness" and the design of Charter, which was optimized for low resolution laser printers.

TheSans Office (4 Styles)
The four fonts are style-linked and optimized for on-screen reading and word processing in office environments.

In addition, de Groot has developed and put into practice his own theory of typographic interpolation which he initially established about six years ago when he was producing an in-between weight of the Frutiger family for the Dutch PTT (post office).
The weights of Thesis are based on the interpolation theory. Read all about it.

Sans Serif Fonts. 12 3 4 5 6 > ... Z Y M m Alegreya Sans Juan Pablo del Peral ... Font Squirrel relies on advertising in order to keep bringing you great new free ...

Thesis sans light font

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thesis sans light font
thesis sans light font

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