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How to use quotations in a research paper

This rule isn’t just for speech. If you’re quoting a written source, you should still put the quote between quotation marks unless you plan to paraphrase it.

Use double quotation marks around unusual, unfamiliar, or slang terms or to indicate that words are being used in a special way. No quotation marks are necessary in later references after the term has been introduced the first time. DO NOT use quotation marks around commonly known technical terms. Consult a current dictionary to determine if a word is in common usage and no longer needs quotation marks.

This presentation utilises the PEE/PQE (Point / Evidence / Quote / Explain) framework to assist students in writing about texts by the effective use of quotations . Can be used alongside “How to write an Essay” analogy of a burger - three parts simplistic but effective.

The following covers the basic use of quotation marks. For details and exceptions consult the separate sections of this guide.

Opening quotations look like tiny little sixes, while the closing quotations look like nines. Most word-processing programs change them automatically, but always double check when you’re done.

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For example, a quotation for Company XYZ stock includes the real-time bid price, ask price, quote size, price of the last trade, size of the last trade, the high price for the day, and the low price for the day. Quotations are available from the exchanges online, via the media, or in financial publications.

Famous quotations are frequently collected in books that are sometimes called quotation dictionaries or treasuries. Of these, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations , The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations , The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations , The Yale Book of Quotations and The Macmillan Book of Proverbs, Maxims, and Famous Phrases are considered among the most reliable and comprehensive sources. Diaries and calendars often include quotations for entertainment or inspirational purposes, and small, dedicated sections in newspapers and weekly magazines—with recent quotations by leading personalities on current topics—have also become commonplace.

You may alter the closing punctuation of a quotation in order to incorporate it into a sentence of your own:

While rule number 1 above might lead you to believe that the first example is correct, remember that two spoken sentences are still two separate sentences and need a period.

Indirect quotes are paraphrases or summaries of the words of someone else worked into the text of your writing. Indirect quotations can add information that strengthens your content in many of the same ways as direct quotations. Essentially, indirect quotes carry the meaning of a speaker or writer’s original words without using the exact words. Indirect quotes are not offset by quotation marks. Below is an example of an indirect quote:

Problems arise right at the outset since quotation is not an easy category to characterize. We start with reflections on how one might go.

Quotes and Dialogue Now we come to a biggy, the handling of quotation and dialogue. Quotation marks are used to indicate direct quotations and dialogue. It would follow, then, that they are not used to punctuate indirect quotations (including the recounting of dialogue). If a direct quote or dialogue is introduced by a descriptive phrase (called an “attribution”), the attribution is separated from the quote or dialogue with a comma:

How does this relate to quoting somebody else? With quotation marks, you are insisting that you're repeating somebody's exact words. Without quotation marks, you are only paraphrasing them.

Quotation marks show that part of the text is either a person speaking or a quotation. Double quotation marks are used as a rule in the United States, while both single and double quotation marks are used in the United Kingdom and other commonwealth countries . A publisher's or author's style can be considered as more important than national preferences. However, the style of opening and closing quotation marks must be matched:

In proofreading and editing your writing, remember that quotation marks always travel in pairs! Well, almost always. When quoted dialogue carries from one paragraph to another (and to another and another), the closing quotation mark does not appear until the quoted language finally ends (although there is a beginning quotation mark at the start of each new quoted paragraph to remind the reader that this is quoted language). Also, in parenthetical documentation (see the Guide to Writing Research Papers ), the period comes after the parenthetical citation which comes after the quotation mark" (Darling 553).

The most important reason for not starting a story with a quote is that a quote itself seldom shows the news value of your story.

This is an easy rule to remember: if you use a complete sentence to introduce a quotation, you need a colon after the sentence. Be careful not to confuse a colon (:) with a semicolon (;) . Using a comma in this situation will most likely create a comma splice, one of the serious sentence-boundary errors.

Rule 5a. The placement of question marks with quotation marks follows logic. If a question is within the quoted material, a question mark should be placed inside the quotation marks.

Other authors [5] claim that the reason for this was an aesthetical one. The elevated quotation marks created an extra white space before and after the word that was considered unaesthetical, while the in-line quotation marks helped to maintain the typographical color , since the quotation marks had the same height and were aligned with the lower case letters. [4] Nevertheless, while other languages do not insert a space between the quotation marks and the word(s), the French usage does insert them, even if it is a narrow space.

How to use quotations in a research paper

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how to use quotations in a research paper
how to use quotations in a research paper

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