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Just like the life of Jesus, whether you are a follower of Muhammad (570-630) or not, you cannot deny the impact his life has had on history. Before Muhammad rose up as the founder of Islam, the Middle East was full of small tribes that warred against each other continuously. Muhammad brought those tribes together and gave them a purpose and a reason to join forces. Though blood was still shed, it was not against each other. It was against those that threatened the new religion or fought against it.

The Happiest Moment of My Life. 2 Pages 491 Words December 2014. Saved essays ... Whenever, we remember such moments we get excited and thrilled.


My predicament news spread like wild fire within the entire institution. My horror became the talk of the day. I felt as if I could walk out of the institution not knowing were to hide. The world looked like a small village for me to hide my horror. Eventually, I remembered a common saying by our English teacher, ‘if you cannot beat them, joint them.’ So I made up my mind to create fun out the incident to laugh myself as well. It worked well. After some time, everybody was bored and none could tease me after a while.

Canada’s identity has continued to evolve since it was founded. At the beginning of the 20th century, for example, more than 55 per cent of Canadians were of British heritage….

Once I started accepting that this was real and I couldn’t do anything but fight it, I figured I would enjoy my life as long as I could before getting really sick. I started hanging out with my family more. I spent the weekends with my aunts and cousins, or with my dad and his side of the family. It was hard to do too much, though, because I spent more time at the hospital than I did at my house.

Every year, my school focuses on doing a few major humanitarian projects, and one of ours has been to fund the building of an orphanage in Africa. We got to see some pictures of it this year... everyone was crying afterward, we were so touched seeing how much just a few dollars from each of us has helped all of the children now living there.

The Happiness moment in my life was when i was walking around my house and i looked under a bucket and it was a kitty under it. And i took it in the house. A while later like weeks went by i found the kitty in my pool dead.

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Essay moments

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essay moments
essay moments

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