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A noted Warkari saint-poet was Eknath (1528-1599). Mukteswar translated the great epic Mahabharata into Marathi. Social reformers like saint-poet Tukaram transformed Marathi into an enriched literary language. Ramdas’s (1608-1681) Dasbodh and Manache Shlok are famous works in this tradition.

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Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra and co-official language in the union territories of Daman and Diu [4] and Dadra and Nagar Haveli . [5] In Goa , Konkani is the sole official language; however, Marathi may also be used for some official purposes in some case. Marathi is included among the languages which stand a part of the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India , thus granting it the status of a "scheduled language". [16] The Government of Maharashtra has submitted an application to the Ministry of Culture to grant classical language status to Marathi. [17]

The decline of Islamic rule in Deccan started when Shivaji founded the Maratha Empire by annexing a portion of the Bijapur Sultanate in 1674. Shivaji later led rebellions against the Mughal rule, thus becoming a symbol of Hindu resistance and self-rule. [19] Maratha Empire went on to end the Mughal rule and ruled over a vast empire stretching from Attock to Cuttack . [20]

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Marathi Daily news paper Maharashtra Times was the first to cover and recommend 'Marathi language Wikipedia' on 27 July 2006. [6]

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Essay marathi language

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essay marathi language
essay marathi language

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