Spm model essay dialogue -, Dialogue essay pmr example

Dialogue essay pmr example

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Among the highest prices is environmental pollution whose impairs people gradually realize more and more since they not only affect us physically and spiritually but also our progeny in the future. ... Secondly, though we are not always aware of environmental pollution as negative mental factor, it does, in fat. ... In addition, due to environmental pollution, we also lose lots of our pleasures since obviously we can't swim in a polluted river or go sightseeing in a destroyed wood. ... Once we agree that environmental pollution can harm us today, we also have to admit that it will al...

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“I am coming home,” Sue announced. “I am really tired and can’t work anymore.”
“Okay, I think you should do that,” her husband agreed.

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Dialogue essay pmr example

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dialogue essay pmr example
dialogue essay pmr example

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