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Homework desk ireland

Office Desks Office Chairs ... Create a productive work environment at home or away with a home office desk from Harvey ... (Ireland) Limited, Brent House ...

Our children's desks are a crucial cog in the wheel of bedroom organisation! They offer useful storage as well as a dedicated space for homework or arts and crafts. Team it up with some of our ingenious Children's Desk Accessories to keep writing surfaces uncluttered.

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ASK any parent of a primary-school aged child what part of the day they dread the most and you can be pretty sure that homework time will feature prominently. Trying to convince a child, who has already spent several hours learning and seated at a desk, that they should continue their day in a similar fashion once they return home is difficult at the best of times, and near impossible at others. Add a project into the homework equation and it’s enough to bring the most resilient of parents out in a cold sweat!

Create a productive work environment at home or away with a home office desk from Harvey Norman. From budget-friendly flat packed options to sturdy and sophisticated solid wood models, you’ll find the right desk for you, at the right price too. Our expert staff are happy to provide help and advice along the way so you can be sure you’re getting a desk that meets your needs. Visit our stores in Dublin, Cork, Kildare, Louth, Limerick or Waterford to try out our collection for yourself.

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Kids between 8 and 12 need an organised space for homework (oh, they might use it for computer games, too). Our children’s desks and chairs come top of the class. The desks offer lots of choice and smart features like built-in cable management. And with height adjustable seats, our chairs will keep up with growing bodies for years.

Well designed and stylish, they're also easy to place in any room so if you do work from home you have the option of keeping it in your lounge or bedroom without looking too out of place. If you don't want to make your space too office like then our white pedestal desks provide plenty of storage for you to tidy away all your  office supplies  like adapters and  printer ink  to keep it nice and clear.

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Homework desk ireland

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homework desk ireland
homework desk ireland

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