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Case study of two kerala based e commerce websites

The Centre for Development Studies at Thiruvananthapuram with the help of United Nations, conducted a case study of selected issues with reference to Kerala in the 1970s. The results and recommendations of this study came to be known as the 'Kerala model' of equitable growth which emphasised land reforms, poverty reduction, educational access and child welfare. Economy professor K. N. Raj was the main person behind this study. He started the Centre for Development Studies in Thiruvananthapuram in 1971, by the request of the Kerala Chief Minister C Achutha Menon . [3] [4]

The Kerala model of development, is the ... conducted a case study of selected issues with reference to Kerala ... the tiny state provides two -thirds of India's ...

3. Explain and analyze the types of changes to the landscape – cultural, ideological, material – we see in multiple destinations as a result of these migration patterns from Kerala.

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The Kani have a rich tradition of using wild plants found in the region for health reasons, and their tribal physicians – known as Plathi – are the exclusive holders of the traditional medicinal knowledge of the tribe. According to Kani tribal customs, only the Plathi have the right to transfer and disseminate their traditional medicinal knowledge. Because of this, the Kani guides were reticent to share with the AICRPE team the source of the revitalizing fruit. However after a great deal of pressure, the Kani led the team to a plant known locally as “arogyapacha” (known scientifically as trichopus zeylanicus ssp. Travancoricus).

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Duration: 18 Months Full Time
Eligibility: 10+2 and Above
Intake: 20 Students in a Batch
Locations: Calicut, Kannur, Trivandrum, Kochi, Nagpur, Coimbatore, Thodupuzha, Bangalore

ated with land use dynamics. Kerala is characterized by a high level of human resource development and faces the problems associated with population pressure and rapidly changing demographic features. Haryana, though very prosperous economically, is weighed down by issues centered on human resource development.

Discussion of methods of family planning employed,using education and female sterilization,in Kerala state, India to reduce the birth rate - a case study on population controls in a LEDC (lesser economically developed country).

The Constitution (Twenty-fifth Amendment) Act came into force on November 5, 1971, the Constitution (Twenty-fifth Amendment) Act came into force on April 20, 1972 and the Constitution (Twenty-ninth Amendment) Act came into force on June 9, 1972. The effect of the Twenty-ninth Amendment of the Constitution was that it inserted the following Acts in the Ninth Schedule to the Constitution:

The seventh house in the Arts & Architecture Case Study program was built with real clients in mind: a family of three with creative hobbies. The result, designed by Thornton M Abell , is a flexible home with a distinctive functional character.

Decades of negotiations between the parties bore no fruit. The Government of India then constituted a tribunal in 1990 to look into the matter. After hearing arguments of all the parties involved for the next 16 years, the tribunal delivered its final verdict on 5 February 2007. In its verdict, the tribunal allocated 419 TMC of water annually to Tamil Nadu and 270 TMC to Karnataka; 30 TMC of Cauvery river water to Kerala and 7 TMC to Puducherry . Karnataka and Tamil Nadu being the major shareholders, Karnataka was ordered to release 192 TMC of water to Tamil Nadu in a normal year from June to May. [5]

The protests by villagers from Plachimada, in the southern state of Kerala have shown the strength of community-led activities, even against this global multi-national company. Through round-the-clock vigils outside the factory gates, they have managed to ‘temporarily’ shut down Coca-Cola’s local bottling plant. As of early 2007, the factory had remained closed for a number of years and a combination of community action and legal redress was aimed at permanent closure.

Case study of two kerala based e commerce websites

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Kerala: A Model Case for Education

Case study – Cauvery River Water Sharing Dispute | Inter.

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case study of two kerala based e commerce websites
case study of two kerala based e commerce websites

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