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School of hard sums homework

Comedians Marcus Brigstocke and Mark Watson join Dara O Briain to tackle some taxing teasers set by Marcus du Sautoy in the brand new series.

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Readers of named it on a two way tie, the seventh best new game show of 2012 in their "Hall of fame" poll. [3]

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School of Hard Sums is a British comedy game show based on mathematics. It is Presented by Comedian Dara O’Briain and Mathematician Marcus De Sautoy.

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It's hip to be square, apparently. But let's not dwell on 80s pop lyrics, and sort this puzzle out instead. Move two matchsticks to get four same-size squares instead of five.

Dara, with the help of Oxford University maths professor Marcus du Sautoy , uses maths, physics, chemistry, logic and all those hidden mechanics of the world we don't see or are too distracted by football to notice to solve problems.

Suitable for late KS2 and KS 3 and 4 Dara O Briain has a great programme on Dave called the School of Hard Sums. In this programme he is given mathematical problems ...

School of hard sums homework

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school of hard sums homework
school of hard sums homework

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