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Essay on 'guru ki mahima' in hindi

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And meaning of this doha is “Guru and Govind (God) stand together, to whose feet should I bow. I will bow to my Guru as he guided the way to reach the Govind (God)”.

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Guru mahimaa gaavat sada man rakhe ati mod,So bhav fir aave nahi bethe prabhu ki god..Suniye santo sadhu mili kahahin kabir bujhay,Jonhi vidhi guru so priti hai kije soyi upaay..Guru govind kari jaaniye rahiye shabd samay,Mile to dandvat bandagi nahi pal pal dhyan lagay..Guru so priti nibhaiye jainhi tat nibahe sant,Prem bina dig door hai prem nikat guru ant

Jai satguru ki ..aaj subah office jate samay gaadi ki chabi nahi mil rahi thi jaha tangi hoti hai..idhar udhar dekha bag mein dekha office vala nahi mila fir guruji ka dhyan kiya ki bhudhi mein ajao yaad dilado kaha rakhdi fir duplicate khoji voh bhi nahi mili fir vapis bag ke pas gaya aur apne ap hath side jeb mein gaya vaha thi ..halki si muskan aai aur dhanyavad diya guruji ka ki mil gayi..der ho gayi nikalne mein 10 15min to gurujise prarthna karte huey chalte gaye ki aap rasta saaf kardena aur time pe pahucha dena..rasta bhi saaf mila aur roj se kam time mein office bhi pahuch gaye. Dhanyavad guruji ka sab kara dete hai. – Mahima submitted by Rochak Mehrotra

Guru ki mahima aprampar
Kar diya dekho chamatkar
ek jadbuddhi balak ko
De diya saara Sansaar
Guriji aapka Dhanyawaad aaj shikshak divas par.

Main check the field of your life in guru ki mahima in virtual india, and will counties. Khiladi 420 (Evaluation Con Player) is an Argument Hindi action film directed by Neeraj Vora and then Akshay Kumar and Mahima Chaudhry.

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Essay on 'guru ki mahima' in hindi

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essay on 'guru ki mahima' in hindi
essay on 'guru ki mahima' in hindi

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