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Critical thinking wayne state

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40 questions. 50 minutes. Computer based. Independently timed (your timer is different from anyone else in the lab). Very care free, straight forward, and simple.

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PHI 1050 (CT) Critical Thinking.   Cr. 3.
This course satisfies the General Education Requirement in Critical Thinking (CT). 

“ … I highly recommend [Critical Thinking] to anyone interested in improving their ability to distinguish the reasonable from the unreasonable in the realm of belief.” — David Matheson, Carleton University

Criticism is often presented as something unpleasant, but sometimes, that may not be the case. There are also friendly criticisms, amicably discussed, and some people find great pleasure in criticism ("keeping people sharp", "providing the critical edge"). The Pulitzer Prize for Criticism has been presented since 1970 to a newspaper writer who has demonstrated 'distinguished criticism'.

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The Foundation for Critical Thinking offers assessment instruments which share in the same general goal: to enable educators to gather evidence relevant to determining the extent to which instruction is teaching students to think critically (in the process of learning content).

To this end, the fellows of the Foundation recommend:

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The examination is computer-based and consists of 34 multiple choice questions.  The test is timed for 45 minutes.  Questions relate to everyday life.  Test-takers will be asked to:

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Critical thinking wayne state

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critical thinking wayne state
critical thinking wayne state

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