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Cd homework daft punk

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Shortly before the album's release, the group launched Daft Club, a website which offered exclusive tracks and other bonus material. Every Discovery CD included a Daft Club membership card bearing a unique number that provided personalized access to the website. [1] Bangalter said this was "our way of rewarding people who buy the CD". [23] The service provided by the site ended in 2003; most of the tracks were then compiled into the remix album Daft Club .

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Admittedly, Discovery's experiments occasionally come off. Nightvision condenses 10CC's breathy chart-topper I'm Not in Love into 90 seconds of rather lovely instrumental drifting. And Short Circuit begins like an early 1980s breakdance favourite, corrodes into distorted noise and manages to sound both wildly funky and slightly disturbing.

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Cd homework daft punk

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Homework (Daft Punk album) - Wikipedia

Daft Punk - Homework at Discogs

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cd homework daft punk
cd homework daft punk

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