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Jmu honors thesis

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A student whose work is deemed extraordinary by the faculty members of the student's major will be designated as having completed the Honors Program in James Madison College with Highest Distinction.

If you are eligible to write a senior honors thesis , the History department will notify you ... This information goes on to the Honors Application, which the student ...

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And all you have to take is an honors class each semester, which are honestly much more enjoyable than their non-honors alternatives as they are usually really small, with the best teachers, and full of other honors students who you will likely be close friends with if you live in Shenandoah.

  Students are required to have a GPA of to enter the Honors program and to maintain a GPA of to continue in the Honors program . Students whose GPA drops below after completing BIO 499A or BIO 499B can continue in the Honors project only at the discretion of the faculty advisor and committee members, who will base their judgment on the student’s ability to recover a GPA of by the end of the next BIO 499 course. If that student’s GPA fails to recover to by the end of the next BIO 499 course, the faculty advisor and committee members must either transfer the student to a BIO 497 or BIO 495 or discontinue their research altogether.

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Honors Thesis: Her project is titled "Telling the Story: Exploring the Experiences of Those Impacted by the Global Refugee Crisis". For this project, she had the opportunity to conduct interviews in Harrisonburg and in Malta with individuals who serve displaced persons. She wanted to learn about the stories of those who work with refugees- what moves them- what inspires them- and how they are impacted by the stories of the refugees and others they work with. In particular, she was looking at trends of empathy, motivation to serve, and purpose in life.

Satisfy your intellectual curiosity
This is the most compelling reason to write a thesis. Whether it’s the short stories of Flannery O’Connor or the challenges of urban poverty, you’ve studied topics in college that really piqued your interest. Now’s your chance to follow your passions, explore further, and contribute some original ideas and research in your field.

You also have to do an honors thesis. It's not that bad if your major already has a big capstone project. You can just throw an honors thesis label on your project and it counts!

At this meeting, a basic review process should be agreed to.  For example, does the committee want to review each chapter as it is submitted, or do they want the director to review chapters, then send them along later?  Or, some committees may want to read a draft of the entire thesis.  Finally, this meeting is designed to help the student begin work on the thesis in a collegial manner, and to set expectations.

Jmu honors thesis

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James Madison University - Senior Honors Thesis

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jmu honors thesis
jmu honors thesis

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