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Essay writing democracy in pakistan

In other forms of Government such as monarchy, oligarchy, etc. all the power is concentrated in the hands of one person or group of persons who carry on the administration irrespective of people’s wishes. Even if those types of Government are conducted in the interest of the people, since the people have no connection with the administration, they cannot feel very happy under them.

People’s rights are integral in a democratic society because citizens are meant to have control over the government processes. In order for laws to protect and represent everyone, communication is essential. Freedom of speech is, therefore, an important right in any democracy. Included here is the transfer of knowledge to create an informed population. The right to a quality education creates citizens with the data, evidence, and ideas to function and operate a democracy (Inglis 2004). People have the right to be educated and to educate with free flow of information.

Just how democratic is Britain? I will examine the most important aspects of the British society, from political to cultural. The focus of the essay is to understand whether a democracy actually works in favour over the citizens of the United Kingdom. In order to do this, I will use arguments for and against several elements that contribute to the democracy of a society and produce a plausible conclusion as to whether this is currently exercised in the Great Britain. The essay will be divided into three sections in an effort to make points more simplistic. Those parts are: political, legal, and cultural. Each part will then be broken down into arguments for and against the general question.

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Using examples from the book, what are the differences between an aristocratic regime and a democratic regime in terms of governance? Which one does de Tocqueville think is more effective at governing and why?

Along with the population’s growth and the complication of political processes, it had become almost impossible to conduct direct democracy. This led to a representative democracy—the model which is used all over the world today. It may be constitutional, parliamentary, or presidential—the main feature is that people affect political life through the representatives they have chosen through elections (Howards 35).


Emerson also questioned property rights in Politics, noting that they are built not on democracy, but instead on owning. Believing that “property will always follow persons," Emerson believed personal rights were much more important than property rights.

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Democracy is fair to citizens because politicians arising from multiparty democracy due to free elections possess incentives for responding to their needs. It is the best method for decision making among citizens because it helps participants make the right decisions. Democracy ensures the convergence of multiple people, which increases information sources and the assessment of policies and laws. Democratic decision-making is considered informed compared to other forms regarding the interests of citizens and mechanisms that advance those interests. Democracy is, therefore, fair as it facilitates the assessment of the moral idea among decision-makers.

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In democratic systems of governments, citizens normally have the opportunities to choose the right government that will protect their affairs at the national and parliamentary levels. These citizens are bestowed with the power to remove the non-performing leaders whom they elected from their respective positions or offices via elections that are usually managed by the independent bodies. Thus, the citizens hold leaders accountable for their activities and conduct while in the office hence the leaders only enjoy this power temporarily while still in the office.

The preceding paper describes democracy in detail. It discusses different forms of democracy. The difference between liberal democracy and democracy has also been analyzed in this paper. It puts light on the seven institutional guarantees of liberal democracy and examines each of the institutional guarantees in detail.

Essay writing democracy in pakistan

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essay writing democracy in pakistan
essay writing democracy in pakistan

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