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Xrf case study

The X-MET provides great light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl) analysis, low limits of detection, and outstanding precision for results you can trust, day after day.

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Olympus XRD analyzers use patented technology developed for the NASA Mars Rover program. They have been used to optimize mineral processing in Au, Ni, Fe Ore, Cu, coal, Al, U, and mineral sands operations by providing:

The Ecomass sales and technical team addressed these material challenges by developing Ecomass Compound 1050ZB92, a filled impact modified Nylon 12 able to shield x-ray and gamma radiation to the equivalency of lead, but without any toxic constituents. Like the rest of our product line, Ecomass Compound 1050ZB92 is a thermoplastic composite material that can be injection molded or compression molded to satisfy a variety of shielding applications. These materials do not contain lead, lead compounds, or any other materials considered hazardous or toxic by the . EPA. The entire Ecomass product line is RoHS compliant.

One of the central concepts in spectroscopy is a resonance and its corresponding resonant frequency. Resonances were first characterized in mechanical systems such as pendulums . Mechanical systems that vibrate or oscillate will experience large amplitude oscillations when they are driven at their resonant frequency. A plot of amplitude vs. excitation frequency will have a peak centered at the resonance frequency. This plot is one type of spectrum, with the peak often referred to as a spectral line , and most spectral lines have a similar appearance.

The portable XRF data were evaluated and a Si-Ca-Al discrimination triangle was developed. This triangle not only discriminates between various major interval lithologies, but also the thin interbeds along with subtle geochemical changes in beds and transition from one lithology to another can be monitored easily. Read the entire Application of XRF in Mud Logging case study .

In a recent presentation on LIBS and XRF (1), you described a case study of pipe rouging in a vial washer system in which you used LIBS and XRF for pharmaceutical and solid analysis. What conclusions did you draw about the two techniques from this study?

Blind pXRF test on Poseidon Nickel’s rock chip samples from Lake Johnstone returned a strong statistical correlation between laboratory assay results and the Lithium Index ( opposite ).

The exploitation of shale and unconventional resources presents many challenges for the geoscientist. Deposits have significant variation from one basin to the other, so the key for success for targeting these sweets spots in the reservoir, evaluating the density and the structural orientation of their fracture systems. Shale cliff sweet spots are typically characterized by mid to high kerogen content, lower clay volumes, higher effective porosity, lower water saturation, higher Yung’s modulus and lower poison ratio. Using these properties as a guide, reservoir engineers can define a productive drilling program.

Combined in situ micro-XRF, ... The case study . Metallurgy in eastern Mediterranean has developed significantly during the Islamic period .

Xrf case study

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Case Study: Using XRF with Mud Logging in Southeast Asia

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xrf case study
xrf case study

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