CV and Personal Statement Residency & Match, Eras personal statement guidelines

Eras personal statement guidelines

The personal statement is a chance to state why you are choosing a specialty (and a location or a specific program) and to try to convince the reader that you are a good fit. While you are trying to say that you are awesome, you cannot simply say you are awesome . Like fiction, you should show, not tell when possible. This is not a CV in paragraph form. You must be more subtle.

ERAS Support Services. Assisting IMGs who use the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to apply for residency positions in . graduate medical education ...

Students usually talk about getting into a medical school, along with the med courses and patient experiences, among others. Aside...

The Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS) provided by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) is much akin to the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) that most of you used to apply to medical school. ERAS allows you to upload your entire residency application online and forward it to all programs to which you wish to apply that participate in the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). Please note that the following specialty programs participate in a separate early match outside of the NRMP:

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As the matter of fact, there are no strict instructions concerning the length or word limit of your ERAS personal statement . However, a compelling and strong paper does not exceed one A4 page and consists of about four paragraphs which cover the basics, the maximum your ERAS personal statement length can reach is 750 – 800 words.

How do you write a good personal statement? As it is always with high-level papers, there is sadly no tried recipe. First, you need to consider your audience. Most likely, your statement will be read by professors who serve on the admissions committee. What might they be looking for in candidates? What are their core areas of interest? How to convince them that you are tailored to study on their campus?

Below you will find an overview of each of the main documents used in ERAS. For detailed information, please see the Documents section of the MyERAS user guide.

The Electronic Residency Application Service ® (ERAS ® ) is the centralized online application service you’ll use to deliver your application, along with supporting documents, to residency programs. 

Not all specialties or programs participate with ERAS. If a program is not participating with ERAS, then you should contact that program to determine how to apply.

a.  Use at least a 12-point font.  Times New Roman is a standard for many reasons, not least in that it allows for more text on each page.

Example :    I fainted my first day on the pediatric burn unit and then again on the second and third day. The stifling heat on the unit was overwhelming, but needed to help the children whose temperature regulation was compromised. However, by the time I had finished my rotation and assisted several times on revision surgeries, I knew that my future lie in pediatric plastic surgery and a return to work with burn injuries.

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Mine was around 500. On one interview, I was told that the program’s main criteria for evaluating personal statements was not noteworthiness but rather inoffensiveness.

The service is fantastic! The PS really reflected my personality! I am really happy with the result and recommend to everyone! Thanks

With all the coming challenges with health system reform and MACRA, the information gained from the CBA is more important than ever.

DO talk about something “personal.” Whether you are focusing on your personal experiences or personal career goals, it should be centered on you.

A Note from ERAS: “ Personal Statements created outside of MyERAS should be done in a plain text word processing application such as Notepad (for Windows users) or SimpleText (for Mac Users). Personal Statements created in word processing applications not using plain text may contain hidden and potentially invalid formatting.

Eras personal statement guidelines

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eras personal statement guidelines
eras personal statement guidelines

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