Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey, My train journey essay in hindi

My train journey essay in hindi

Our train at first halted at Kharagpur. Vendors boarded the train and came to us to sell their goods. On the following day the train arrived at Puri in the morning. On the whole, I gathered a pleasant experience but the confused loud noise of the passengers and the dust and heat of the train inside gave me a lot of trouble.

Some passengers were sitting on the floor and some were moving about the station in a cheerful mood. My compartment was full. Some passengers were occupying the seats in an unfair way. The passengers that came late were being penalised. There were a number of coolies in the platform too. My father had booked four tickets standing on the queue.

Below is an example of a short essay that is structured that way. The colours should help you see just how each paragraph is totally focused on the essay question, and provides a short answer to it. The bits in red and green in the body paragraphs of the essay are our topic sentences and our wee concluding sentences.

Our train was scheduled to depart by 11:15 . but was delayed by 1 hour. As soon as the train came into the platform, the passengers rushed to get into the train. There was a little commotion as passengers searched for their seats. With a lot of difficulty we could find our seats and placed our luggage.

Our train, the North- East Express was already on the main platform. Our guide was quick to find our berths. We boarded the train and quickly occupied our places. At am the whistle blew and the train began to move. I was beginning my maiden train journey. A thrill of excitement ran through my veins.

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Subject: Children’s Public Speech on ‘ An Awesome Train Journey ‘ Duration: 2-3 Minutes Speech Prepared by: Vijayakumar, Kuwait Delivered by: Arnav Vijay Kumar, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Kuwait Good Morning Every Body, Two years ago, I was tugging at my father’s sleeve. Let’s go, let’s go!. I was so excited. This was going to be my first Train journey. We entered the train and found …
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We had to go to Madras, where my father had to attend a Conference. Since we had not then seen Madras and our winter vacations were falling during the dates of the Conference, it was decided that we would all go with father and make a trip to the South.

We reached Guwahati on 9th Dec., as our train reservation was for the following day by North- East Express. We reached the station early in the morning, the next day and boarded the train. The train started off at . I sat by the window and enjoyed the passing scenery. The sights of numerous rivers, bridges, countryside, evergreen paddy fields, lush green tea gardens, vast plains, etc. enchanted me a lot.

The train came to standstill and at once the passengers made a great rush. I got into a compartment. Sitting in a corner near a window, I began to read the morning paper. In another 5 minutes, the guard blew his whistle and waved off the green flag. The bell rang and the engine with a loud whistle glided smoothly out of the railway station.

In panic, since all my money and the train ticket were inside the wallet, I pulled the emergency chain inside the toilet. The chain just came off in my hand. I came out and pulled the first chain that I saw. This time the train screeched to a halt, after maybe 500 more metres.

 · Some journeys can never be forgotten. It reverberates in our mind again and again. I had such an experience – the memory of my first train journey. Last ...

My train journey essay in hindi

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my train journey essay in hindi
my train journey essay in hindi

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