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Case study ct abdomen

  • Intensely enhancing intra parenchymal lesion in the upper pole of left kidney in direct continuity with upper polar segmental branch of left renal artery surrounded by hyperdense hematoma suggestive of pseudo aneurysm.
  • Large non enhancing hyperdense subcapsular collection in the left kidney compressing adjacent renal parenchyma suggestive of subcapsular hematoma

A non-contrast abdominal CT would eliminate these problems. But is it diagnostically appropriate? Emergency department physicians and residents of Tampa’s University of South Florida Department of Emergency Medicine and radiologists at Tampa General Hospital conducted a study to find out. They determined that with appropriately vetted patients, diagnostic findings were comparable.

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Case History: 57-year-old patient with longstanding history of swelling on left side of face and difficulty opening mouth.

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Severe pelvic injuries associated with disruption of pelvic vasculature carry an extremely high mortality.  A directed approach to management can significantly improve survival in this critical patient group.

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The chest was also scanned and shows some areas of parenchymal shadowing in the apical segment of the RLL, RML and LLL laterally. They appear as areas of atelectasis rather than pulmonary mass lesions.

The prevalence of AAAs increases with age. Males are much more commonly affected than females, with a ratio of 4:1. They are the tenth most common cause of death in the Western world. Approximately 10% of individuals older than 65 have an AAA. Most AAAs are asymptomatic unless they leak or rupture, and are therefore diagnosed incidentally when the abdomen is imaged for other indications. Unruptured aneurysms may uncommonly cause abdominal or back pain, or manifest as a pulsatile mass if large.

CT Case Review Course: Abdomen & Pelvis Cases 51-75 Janis P. O’Malley, . Division of Molecular Imaging & Therapeutics University of Alabama at Birmingham

Case study ct abdomen

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Case Studies in Abdominal and Pelvic Imaging | Radiology

Case Studies | Diagnostic Imaging

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case study ct abdomen
case study ct abdomen

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