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Moto g problem solving

We know what you're thinking. "Will my device receive an upgrade? When? How?" Never fear...all the information's right here.

 · I have purchased 2 Moto G, 3rd generation RW phones from ebay in the last few months and both are having echo problems. When dialing out to either a land ...

If your phone locks up for no good reason and doesn’t respond to any button presses, you can carry out a force restart by pressing and holding the Power button for ten to twenty seconds. Your phone will restart and hopefully won’t lock up again.

Problem : Hi, I have a 7-month old Android phone, Motorola Moto G, and it’s running the latest Android version, KitKat. Everything in it is super cool and I love it.  I forgot what kind of browser I was using but since the KK update, I started using Chrome since it is the default browser. However, just recently, I stumbled upon RAM usage and I found out Chrome is the fastest RAM eater of all. I also noticed that my phone seems to slow down when I browse the web using Chrome and I believe it’s because the browser is eating a lot of RAM. How can you prevent this? What are the browsers you will recommend? Thanks. — Sarah

Start the Moto G in safe mode (when you restart and see the logo, hold the menu button down until you see the lock screen). You will see a Safe Mode label on the screen if you’re successful.  If your phone works in this mode, then you can troubleshoot it to an issue with a particular application. You could try to figure out which application it is, or start from scratch. The former is a bit more time consuming and will require trial and error. The latter, you can do with a simple factory reset by heading to Settings > Backup and Restore> Factory Data Reset .

I have done everything RW told me to do, including a hard factory reset, and the problem persists. We own 2 other Moto G phones and don’t have this problem.

Hi Owuwu, to fix this issue, try to disconnect your phone from the network and reconnect it. If it not works, try this way: go into phone-menu-settings-call and set “voice over LTE” to do not use. May this can help you and have a nice day.

Problem : hey ! i was playing songs on my phone n i was going through settings ! i turned on the talk back setting n then tried turning it off , but it wouldn’t turn off ! the d phone stopped responding ! it jus vibrates for every touch but doesn’t select wat ever is touched ! i tried reebotting by holding the power button for 10 seconds ! it switched off n turned on again but of no use ! it only unlocks the screen but doesnt do anythin else ! wat should i do ?? please help me soon !

Since the January 2013 phone update (OTA), activating the DEFY XT or doing a Profile update causes the voicemail number for "My Carrier" to be re-written. This is only a problem for members using Republic's own voicemail. To fix it, start the Settings app, tap Call Settings, then Voicemail settings, and finally Voicemail number. Change the number shown to 214-664-9147.

That’s a problem .I often get blurred screen in my motog after kitkat update.. Please Motorola be proactive and come up with a solution if you want to survive in Asian markets as its highly competitive..

I am using moto g4 plus since 1 month. But I observed when I open Google maps and try to know my location the GPS gets confused. That means the blue dot on map goes here and there?

Recently one of my relatives bought the Moto G and encountered the same issue. We decided to conduct a small experiment and I think we have found the fix.

Quite a few people seem to have run into a problem where the keyboard randomly disappears when it shouldn’t. It might happen in the browser, during a call, or at some other time.

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In safe Mode, all third party apps will stop working. Run it in safe mode for a few hours and if the glitch seems to have vanished, you will know that third party app or apps are to blame.

All this third-party app may have contributed to your camera dysfunction. So make use of the multitasking button at the bottom right and swipe away any open apps. If it still doesn’t work, you can try to detect any apps that may use camera or flash, run some tests until you manage to detect the real problem.

In order to correctly solve a problem, it is important to follow a series of steps. Many researchers refer to this as the problem-solving cycle, which includes developing strategies and organizing knowledge.

Moto g problem solving

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moto g problem solving
moto g problem solving

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