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Yale application essay sample

How will you know where to apply? Here's the homework. Study the college's website and its writing supplements for clues about the kind of students they're looking for. Read the entries in The Best 380 Colleges , and in The Insider's Guide to the Colleges - and look honestly at your own record. Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and the other top universities don't make decisions based exclusively on top grades and top SAT/ACT scores. Keep in mind these words from the Yale admissions website:

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***Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.***

You can earn undergraduate degrees at Yale College, master’s or doctoral degrees at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and specialized degrees at our 12 professional schools. There are also many non-degree programs that allow individuals to study or pursue research without matriculating. Apply directly to the school or program where you wish to enroll.

Indeed, being a part of this amazing university requires an amazing application. This includes writing some exceptional essays. But there’s no need to fear! CollegeVine has the advice you need to conquer Yale’s writing supplement.

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The infamous Why X University essay requires careful research and planning, particularly in Yale's case. Yale admissions officers are infamously sensitive to applicants'  interest  – and that doesn't mean interest in Yale's name brand, or interest in getting into an Ivy League school, or interest in going to Rory Gilmore's alma mater. No, admissions officers want proof that you know why Yale,  specifically ,   is the right place for you to pursue your goals. After all, there are plenty of elite schools out there; what makes Yale different, for you?

Visiting Yale SOM is the best way to explore our program and get to know the broader Yale community as a part of your application process.

 · Laurel GrodmanDirector of Admissions, Analytics and Evaluation Hi, my name is Laurel Grodman. I oversee candidate evaluation and analytics for our ...

You must take the LSAT no later than February 2018. The test is administered several times throughout the year. The oldest score we will accept is June 2012.

Applicants using the Common Application or Coalition Application may request that the application fee be waived. Qualifications for a fee waiver are as follows:

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A full 98% of Yale first year medical students report premedical research/lab experiences, so you might wonder if this is a requirement. However, the Yale SOM website states that they also are looking for evidence of leadership , maturity, integrity, and dedication to service. To make it even more challenging, one of the personal qualities they seek in applicants is “the ability to inspire and maintain confidence.” The message is, if you have significant research experience, go ahead and emphasize it, but make sure your essay is not about the details of your research, but rather about YOU and what you learned by doing it.

What we care about most, and what helps provide the most insight into you as an applicant, is how you have approached the commitment.  Let us know what it is you set out to do and how you have gone about doing it.  Whatever topic you choose, you should be specific and detailed in describing that approach.

I thought of the Common App essay as my chance to have a voice in the committee room when [fill in college-of-choice here]’s admissions officers sat down to decide my fate–and that made a blank Word document utterly terrifying. I mean, what do you say to convince someone to let you into Harvard?

Navigating this essay can be tricky, but here is the key: it is just another essay. The only difference is that it’s shorter. (How short is 250 words? This blog post should give you an idea.) There is no need to panic. All of the regular advice about law school essays still applies. Tell a memorable story. Demonstrate your ability to reflect meaningfully about a topic or experience. Write clearly and have no errors.

Yale application essay sample

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yale application essay sample
yale application essay sample

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