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Rise of christianity thesis statement

     Christianity is today the world’s largest religion, representing at least a quarter of the world’s population. It is also the primary inspiration behind the second largest religion of the world, Islam . Christianity began as a tiny sect of Judaism during the life of Jesus , but in just 4 centuries it had become the dominant religion of the entire Mediterranean World. How did Christianity achieve this tremendous feat?

What do know is that Christianity arose in a very tumultuous period when the Jewish world was caught under the heel of a brutal and immoral Roman culture, and was itself plagued by movements and groups which not only fractured it even further but often did so under the guise of saving the Jewish people. To better understand the rise Christianity, then, it is important to understand some of the cultural and ideological undercurrents washing about, to and fro, in the Jewish world at that time.

This "fresh, blunt, and highly persuasive account of how the West was won—for Jesus" ( Newsweek ) is now available in paperback. Stark's provocative report challenges conventional wisdom and finds that Christianity's astounding dominance of the Western world arose from its offer of a better, more secure way of life.

Those who succeeded Gregory continued to expand the church’s influence in both the social and political aspects of the medieval society. English missionaries in the 8th century influenced the French to adopt a system of papal governance. However, the rise of feudalism threatened and curbed the influence that the Christian church had amassed. This saw the Church fall under the influence of secular local rulers and kings, toward the end of the ninth century.

The Masque of Africa , a travel book by award-winning Indian-Trinidadian author V. S. Naipaul, although really about traditional African belief and not Christianity per se , often underscores Jenkins’ thesis, at least as it relates to Africa. Despite the conversions to Christianity, Naipaul maintains, the older world of African animism and magic persists, influencing and shaping modern belief systems.

Stark's basic thesis is that, ultimately, Christianity triumphed over paganism because it improved the quality of life of its adherents at that time.

The demolition of this towering Protestant cathedral on the outskirts of the coastal Chinese city of Wenzhou on April 28 2014 marked the spectacular launch of a government campaign to curtail the fastest-growing religion in nominally atheist China. There are now about 100 million Christians in the world’s most populous nation, eclipsing the million-strong membership of the ruling Communist party. According to western intellectual tradition, modernity is supposed to bring secularisation but in modern Communist China it has been accompanied by an extraordinary rise of religions formerly banned as “opiates of the masses”. 

Although in the first few centuries AD Christians were prosecuted and punished, often with death, there were also periods when they were more secure. Secondly, the rise of Christianity to imperial-sponsored dominance in the fourth and fifth centuries, although surprising, was not without precedent, and its spread hardly as inexorable as contemporary Christians portrayed it.

In similar fashion, archaeological evidence shows that from very early days, house churches were clearly identifiable--the neighbors would have been entirely aware that these were Christian gathering places (White 1990). In addition, soon many Christians began to take names that were distinctively Christian--scholars have no difficulty identifying them as such today (Bagnall 1993), and surely non-Christians in antiquity were sufficiently perceptive to have done so too. Funerary inscriptions also often bore clearly Christian identifications (Meyers 1988; Finegan 1992).

The Christian church sees "the Apostolic Age" as the foundation upon which its whole history is built. [5] This period, roughly dated between the years AD 30 and 100, produced writings traditionally attributed to the direct followers of Jesus Christ (the New Testament and Apostolic Fathers collections) and is thus associated with the apostles and their contemporaries. [6]

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Christianity is today the world’s largest religion, representing at least a quarter of the world’s population. It is also the primary inspiration behind the ...

Rise of christianity thesis statement

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The Rise of Christianity: How the Obscure, Marginal Jesus.

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rise of christianity thesis statement
rise of christianity thesis statement

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