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Joseph addison essay the scope of satire

The Spectator also had many readers in the American colonies. In particular, James Madison read the paper avidly as a teenager. It is said to have had a big influence on his world view, lasting throughout his long life. [6]

"Will Wimble" and "Party Patches" are both satirical works that illustrate the foolishness of social conventions. They appeared in the popular publication The Spectator. In the first essay, Will is...

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— — . The Spectator. Edited by Donald F. Bond. 5 vols. Oxford, 1965.

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7: Child’s Coffee House was in St. Paul’s Churchyard. Neighbourhood to the Cathedral and Doctors’ Commons made it a place of resort for the Clergy. The College of Physicians had been first established in Linacre’s House, No. 5, Knightrider Street, Doctors’ Commons, whence it had removed to Amen Corner, and thence in 1674 to the adjacent Warwick Lane. The Royal Society, until its removal in 1711 to Crane Court, Fleet Street, had its rooms further east, at Gresham College. Physicians, therefore, and philosophers, as well as the clergy, used Child’s as a convenient place of resort.

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Joseph Addison : Joseph Addison , English essayist, poet, and dramatist, who, with Richard Steele, was a leading contributor to and guiding spirit of the periodicals ...

The genius offers Mizrah a scene representing the plight of human existence, a vision that Addison sublimely describes with vivid and complete detail. Mizrah sees a valley of which the hills on either side are hidden in fog; through the valley flows a sea and across the sea stands a bridge. The genius explains that the fog-shrouded hills are the beginning and the end of time hidden from human sight. The valley is the Vale of Misery in which humans must live, the bridge is the span of human life, and the sea is the eternity into which all men will be swept....

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His works also include an opera libretto, Rosamund (1707); a prose comedy, The Drummer (1716); and a neoclassical tragedy, Cato (1713), which had an immense success in its own time, but has since been regarded as artificial and sententious. In his last years Addison received his greatest prominence. In 1717 he was made secretary of state, an office he resigned the following year. But the period (1714-19) was also marked by failing health, a supposedly unhappy marriage, and the severing of his relations with his good friend Richard Steele.

He met Jonathan Swift in Ireland and remained there for a year. Later, he helped form the Kitcat Club and renewed his friendship with Richard Steele. In 1709, Steele began to publish the Tatler , and Addison became a regular contributor. In 1711 they started The Spectator . The first issue appeared on 1 March 1711. This paper, which was originally a daily, was published until 20 December 1714, interrupted for a year by the publication of The Guardian in 1713. His last publication was The Freeholder , a political paper, in 1715–16.

Joseph addison essay the scope of satire

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Joseph Addison essays

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joseph addison essay the scope of satire
joseph addison essay the scope of satire

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