What are some funny attention getters? |, Funny attention getters for graduation speech

Funny attention getters for graduation speech

Involve the audience in your presentation by asking them a question. Ask a question that engages and interests the audience. Give your audience a moment to think and respond to the question and then connect the responses back to your presentation topic. You can use this method to add some laughter to the presentation by asking a question that is bound to have a funny answer.

There are several different kinds of attention getters. While you can usually use a variety of attention grabbers for any essay assignment, we will also talk about which attention getter works well for particular assignments. Here are the different types of attention getters.

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These are considered the most famous words in the world of public speaking, spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr. The energy and passion you use when you start off with a bold statement like this will cause your listeners to be instantly enticed. They will pay close attention to how you back up your leading statement. One attention-grabbing example is the opening line: "Anyone can get big biceps fast!"

The top four types attention grabbing openings include asking the reader a question, telling a story, telling a joke, and making a comparison.

The key is to make sure that the hook is brief, well-rehearsed and pertinent to your topic. What follows is 12 hooks that will grab your audience's attention—and keep it.

3.  One day I was trying to come up with something different from what they may have had in the past, and then it hit me! I say “Alright stop!” And the students say “collaborate and listen!” It’s perfect because they really do have to do those things, come together and listen. I love it! It’s such a hit with them and parents. -Brieann W.

27 Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom There are a lot of kids and only one of you. When you need your students quiet, focused and ready to learn ...

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I have a battery operated doorbell that I push when I need the student’s attention. It chimes six times and allows them that time to hear and respond. You plug in the chime part into the wall and can walk around with the part that you push, having it at your fingertips at all times. You can buy them anywhere, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.   (Marly Parker)

It is important that anecdotes are relevant to the speech, however. Like any attention getter, they should also be brief and simple so that as much time as possible is allowed for the speech thesis and also so that the audience do not lose interest or comprehension.

These non-verbal attention signals are perfect for field trips , school assemblies , or anytime you want students’ attention in a quiet way. Try a few or try them all to see which one(s) work best for your classroom.

B. inclusion-creating a connection with listeners. ex. – death> “Something we all have to face.” NOT “Something you will face.”

Funny attention getters for graduation speech

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27 Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom

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funny attention getters for graduation speech
funny attention getters for graduation speech

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