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Essay on my mother in marathi for class 1

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Contributed by: Karthik Sudheer Age:  14 School: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Subject: Environmental Protection and India Usage:  Speech for 5 Minutes/Essay Mode: Medium Target Age Group- 10-15 years, Students of Class- 7,8,9,10,11,12 Namasthe. Isavasyamidam Sarvam Yatkincha jagatyaamjagat Tena tyaktena bhunjitha Maa grdha kasya svidhanam (the entire universe is pervaded by the Almighty, lust not after the wealth of others) Good morning distinguished judges, Loving parents, and my …
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A mother turns a house into a home and home is the initial school of a child. Mother is our best teacher and trainer. She never gives up training us to speak “Am’ma (Mamma)”. She walks by knees to help us in our first steps. She teaches us the behaviors lessons. She never gives up on us. Mother teaches us the philosophies of life. Mother is the instinctive philosopher whose philosophies help us in every walk of our life. She teaches us how to love, cherish, and respect who we are, and what it takes for us to become the adults we will one day be.

A mother is the most precious person in the life on everyone about which we cannot describe completely in the words. However some of the valuable moments with our mother can be described. A mother is the most beautiful and caring person in our lives. She always cares every moment for our every need without her any personal intention. In the morning, she calls us very softly to get rise from the bed and during night she tell us lovely stories to make us sleep with beautiful dream. She helps us to get ready for school with proper breakfast and hygienic lunch. She always waits at door for us while we return from school. She helps us to do our school homework.

You can find numerous samples from your friends who have done this before. This is a great source as friends are a personalized lot of people you can trust and this will help you realize even more things about your mom you didn’t think of writing about. This will also help you have a personalized experience of seeing someone’s mom through their own eyes. This will help know how best to capture reader to see what you want them to see.

I remember that she used to relate to me many oriental and mythological tales, when I was a child and did not know ho\V to read and write. She has taught me to love my country and my countrymen. She helps me every day in preparing my home-work given by the class-teacher.

My mother has taught me the importance of discipline, good manners, honesty, sense of duty and reverence towards the elders in life. She also taught me to defend and help the poor and the weak, and lodge a protest against injustice.

As Mulvey suggests in Performance analysis with the relation of women to men "women are [simultaneously] looked at and displayed, with their appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impact so that they can be said to connote to-be-looked-at-ness." All about my mother seems to take this assumption and turn it on its head and throughout the entire film there seems to be this allure towards creating a performance that is different from the way established performances are held. Mulvey goes on to explain that Budd Boetticher says

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Subject: Fifteen sentence Essay/Speech on ‘My mother’ Mode: Easy Grade- 2 Target Age Group: 5-8 Years Total sentences: 13 Contributed By: Shraddha, class 2, Adayar, Chennai The person I like the most in the world is my mother. She is very beautiful, kind and lovely. I came out from her stomach. I drank her milk. She takes so much care of me. I tell everything …
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Mother Teresa (born Agnes Gonza Bojaxhiu) was certainly no beauty... In the almost 70 years since Mother Teresa made her commitment, she never wavered. In his book, "Great Souls," journalist David Aikman describes how Mother Teresa never relied on worldly power. ... I was just doing my duty." ... Princess Diana and Mother Teresa...

Essay on my mother in marathi for class 1

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Essay on Mother for Children and Students

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essay on my mother in marathi for class 1
essay on my mother in marathi for class 1

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