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G4s case study

“As the world’s biggest security brand, it’s critical to G4S’ operations that it continually optimises its processes, since any leak of confidential information could put large sums of money, and even lives, at risk. However, such a massive business also needs to operate efficiently. storm’s three-phased solution gave G4S the flexibility to migrate to a cloud model for cash ordering. Its carrier-grade data centers and ISO27001 and PCI accredited operations mean we can be comfortable allowing the platform to interface securely with our own systems, eliminating human error and accelerating the entire process.”

One of G4S’s key challenges is hiring enough employees to meet its contractual obligations, particularly in remote and competitive locations throughout the United States. To achieve this, the recruiting team’s goals are to increase both the quality and volume of applicants to these key positions, such as Security Officer and Multi-site Security Officer. However, the team’s lean nature means that they must spend their job advertising dollars effectively and leverage the most up-to-date recruiting technology available. Analysis of their current advertising showed the positive benefits they were receiving from Indeed.

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CenturyLink's WAM!NET Content Studio storage application enabled each marketer in any office to submit new marketing content along with title and event information to the appropriate library over the internet. This made it simple for the corporate marketing staff to quickly review and approve new content that had been uploaded. With a centralised, visible storage location, teams stopped wasting time searching for content and started improving campaign results.

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Parallel to this was the role of Securicor and G4S in the outsourcing of immigration and asylum detention, transport and escort services.  Securicor as early as 1970 was managing immigration detention at Manchester and Heathrow and in 1993 Group4 took over Campsfield immigration detention centre.  By 2012 G4S was managing four detention centres including the Cedars ‘family friendly’ centre which gives a cover for the continued detention of children by using the Barnados charity as a partner. 

The risk of G4S handling cash was eliminated by M-PESA. Staff are paid on time, the risk of robbery is reduced, and supervisors are freed from their cash handling role and can get on with the job of man management.

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To provide a flexible and secure workspace, to enable 1,300 G4S employees to work anywhere in the world with the highest standards of security.

According to Jerry Cordasco, Vice President of Operations for the G4S Monitoring and Data Center, this innovative facility and the services it offers address a paradigm shift in world of security. “One of the major keys in big corporate environments now is trying to reduce costs. But they don’t want to compromise security in the process,” said Cordasco. “So we felt that being able to build a facility that would be able to provide remote video monitoring services to our corporate customers around the world would have some real benefits.”

G4S plc
5th Floor, Southside
105 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QT
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)208 770 7000

The logical reasoning tests SHL produces measure your abstract reasoning skills. These skills are based on mere logic, and they are independent of your language skills or prior knowledge. On these tests, you need to identify the logical pattern of the shapes presented to you and select the diagram that completes it. The most common type of question one can expect to encounter on an SHL logical test is 'next-in-series'. In this type of question, you are presented with a row of figures and must choose the figure that comes next in the series.

Complementing that technical expertise, 24/7 support and advanced products is the fact that Kerry can pick up the phone at any stage and call his G4S account manager directly. "I know I can always speak to exactly who I want to speak to at G4S. This gives me that added reassurance that my business is important to G4S," he concludes.

G4s case study

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g4s case study
g4s case study

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