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Becket movie essay

In the film’s beginning, Henry is in need of money and he looks to the Church as a source of funds.  They begin to quarrel and Henry begins throwing insults.  It’s performed through hilarious pomp and not through a stern drama.  Becket is then entrusted with the Chancellor’s ring and Henry performs the ceremony in front of the Church’s representatives to showcase that he prefers his friends, even Saxon friends, over men of the cloth.

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Before his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket's loyalties are to the King. He fights as a soldier in the King's wars, and offers advice to the King. He also helps the King arrange for the Church of England to pay some taxes to the throne, which the Church balks at forcefully. Becket, by the end of Act One, reveals his loyalty is an opportunistic loyalty; he is not exactly...

1183 .: King Henry II's three sons all want to inherit the throne, but he won't commit to a choice. They and his wife variously plot to force him.

Henry II, King of England, was very interested in maintaining and expanding the power of the monarchy.  He was especially concerned with making sure that the Church did not get to be too powerful...

As the plot continued, Henry admired Thomas’ wise advice and counsel, and decided to revive an old political position, appointing Thomas as Chancellor of England. Thomas, as usual, worked very devotedly and soon became famous for his deeds and relations around and across the lands. Henry was pleased to see his companion’s success and to have an associate that he could trust. Although their relationship was strong, some foreshadowing hinted at events to come. While remarking upon his friend’s success once, Henry stated that Thomas would be as formidable an adversary against him as he was successful for him. It is ironic how Henry’s own words could be so correct.

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Restored prints of Becket were re-released in 30 cinemas in the US in early 2007, following an extensive restoration from the film's YCM separation protection masters. [3] The film was released on DVD by MPI Home Video in May 2007 [4] and on Blu-ray Disc in November 2008. The new film prints carry a Dolby Digital soundtrack, although the soundtrack of the original film, which originally opened as a roadshow theatrical release , was also in stereo.

Becket movie essay

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becket movie essay
becket movie essay

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