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Smart kid doesn't do homework

Did these tips help you? What did I miss? How do you deal when you find out your crush doesn’t like you? Tell me in the comments.

Of course, following the advice in this site does not guarantee that your kid will be a scholar or a genius. A lot depends on his genetic make-up and inborn temperament. But genes are not destiny. They are raw materials that can be molded by you. If you make use of the tips and information in this site, you are helping to determine how these genes are expressed. You are increasing his (or her) chances to be the best of what he (she) can be intellectually.

Once you realize that your adolescent is motivated to do nothing, it will become obvious to you right away that he actually puts a lot of energy into doing that “nothing.”

I admit to blurting things out that I regretted and even screaming at my son. I worked on saying something appropriate. I stopped screaming. And I apologized, reminding him that I did love him. We lived through it, and he's now one terrific parent himself.

It’s not too early; it’s not too late. If you are a high-school student (or going to be one this fall), we’d love to see you in a camp on one of our campuses!

Hi Kara,
My 7yr old is also a struggling reader. He reads soooo slow, and makes so many mistakes that when he gets to the end of the story, he can't even tell the teacher what the story was about!
He's in First Grade and they want me to hold him back next school year and make him repeat it. I am so torn as to what to do! He is going to a tutor twice a week now, but has only been doing that about 5 weeks. Is it too soon to see improvement? We try to work with him at home but he fights and hates doing homework! I just don't know what to do!!


 · What to Do When Your Child Hates School... their brains do what they ... She's really a great kid from a middle-class family, who doesn't whine about ...

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Having trouble sleeping is also a sign of stress. And if you're not getting enough sleep, you probably feel grouchy and tired during the day. Feeling tired can make your school day seem even worse.

My third edition of Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades celebrates more than 30 years of developing and using the Trifocal Model to reverse Underachievement Syndrome for capable children who are not working to their abilities in school. While this new edition continues to provide the same principles that have reversed underachievement for thousands of children, I’ve added sections that reflect information that has been gleaned from my clinical experiences, my research and that of others, and the successful experiences of other educators and parents.

Stress goes up with boredom and frustration in humans and animals. Animals restrained or understimulated "misbehave" with aggressive, destructive, and even self-mutilating behavior. The stress causes their brains to attend only to imagined or real threat. In that state, behavior is no longer influenced by the higher, thinking brain. Stress takes control of the neural pathways that determine where information is processed and where behavior is controlled.'

After all, if homework isn’t good for anything then we should definitely eliminate it. The good (and bad) news is that when homework is appropriately assigned, it is vital for learning and development. Here are a few benefits of appropriate homework.

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Like any other time Plan A doesn’t pan out, it’s time to make some decisions. Will you give him a pass and let him stay at home? Will you send him on his way so he has to get a job and support himself? Or will you negotiate some kind of compromise?

In fifth grade I made a teacher’s life miserable because she called people living in Africa in the 1500s “African American” and I never let her live it down. In sixth grade, I flunked art class.  In seventh, I got kicked out of an english class for the final two months of the year because I made the teacher cry. In 8th grade, I was written up seemingly 100 times.

In recent months, many in the field of education have been bringing forth ideas that essentially are saying we are pushing our students too hard simply because we need them to perform well on standardized tests.  These professionals are warning us that creativity, enthusiasm, engagement and love of learning are being ignored, trashed and kicked to the curb.  Making learning fun has been replaced with the need for skill-and-drill.  This hampers any student’s ability to “apply himself” in school; it can especially harm a gifted learner who usually does poorly with repetition, rote learning and skill-and-drill.

I'm really bad at math. I don't get it. Never have. Now here's the emotional connection: My Father hated math. He talked about how much he hated it. Repeated stories about how he got out of freshman math in college. I adored my father. Wanted to be just like him. So I hated math too.

Smart kid doesn't do homework

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smart kid doesn't do homework
smart kid doesn't do homework

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